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Uche Joan Iwuanyanwu is a Nigerian actress from Mbano Local Government area of Imo state. She is also a final year student of Economics at the University of Jos, Plateau state.

For her, acting and schooling at the same time have been hectic but she has been able to handle both because she has remained focused. In this interview with Florence Amagiya , she talks about her journey so far in the movie industry and her plans for the future.

How did you become an actress?

I have always loved acting even as a child. I came into the industry in 2009 and did my first movie that same year. It was shot in Festac, Lagos state. The movie was called Queen's Island.

I acted alongside Yemi Blaq, Mercy Johnson and Jim Iyke. I did another job with Teco Benson, it was an international movie and I was the only female on set . I have done movies in Ghana. The movies l did in Ghana were Under my pillow and Dr. Cruel. I was also in another movie, Pool Party alongside top Ghanain actors and actresses.

Have you been under anybody's pillow before?

No, I haven't and I won't be.

You are looking so young, are you up to 20 ?

I am more than 20 years old. In fact, l am a 400 level, Economics student. I am in the University of Jos, Plateau state.

How do you cope with acting and education?

I cope very well with the two because they are not related in anyway. When l am on campus, l am on campus and when l am working in a location outside school, then l am working.

You said you have worked in Ghana, how was it like to work with the Ghanians in their country?

Oh! Ghanians are wonderful people and l enjoyed every minute of my stay in Ghana.

What's your take on sex for roles in movies?

I haven't experienced a situation like that, maybe because l am not desperate for roles. When you are desperate for roles, you are forced to go to the extreme and l know it still doesn't mean you will get the role. My advice to would- be actresses is to know the trade and forget desperation. Your worth will be discovered in no time.

Who is your god-father in the industry?

I didn't come into the industry with the help of anybody. I got my first job through my aunt's friend. I got my first break in a Ghanaian movie.

Can you act nude?

I cannot act nude for any amount. But as we all know, acting is not real. If l have to interpret a role, l will give it my best and if possible improvise when the need arises. For instance, if the character is for me to wear a bra and pant, l will simply wear a bum- short and a bra top.

Would you date a married man?

I cannot date a married man except l am not aware he is married.

Since you would not date a married man, can you convert someone's husband?

No!!! I won't do that. I want my own husband. I can be possessive and l do not share. My own husband must not have married someone else before me.

Let's go back to the nude role, what if you are paid the right price to interpret a role as it is in the nude?

I won't take that role! Other better roles will come. I am from a home and not a house.
Do you easily get angry?

Anger is not a very pleasant emotion, especially if you cannot control it. I don't easily get angry and when l do, l try to control it.

How is your love life, are you in a serious relationship?

I don't want to talk about it. But to set the record straight, l am in a relationship.

Would you starve a loved one because you are angry?

I won't and besides, l enjoy cooking. I am a good cook.

Can you act a romantic scene?

Yes, I can and I would do it well. I am an actress and acting is all about make- believe. Why should I be romancing a guy in a movie under a duvet? Is that what we do in real life? It would not be real.

Who is your role model in the industry?

My role model is Aunty Joke Silva. She has been an inspiration to me right from my childhood and l wish l can be like her one day. She has been able to combine her career in acting, keeping the home-front and she is still scandal -free. To me, that's awesome.

Your name is Uche Iwuanyanwu, are you related to Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu ?

No, l am not. He is just name-sake with my family .

What kind of background do you have?

I am the third child from a family of six. My dad is a Minister in a church, but not a pastor. I grew up in a home and not a house. I am in my final year in the University of Jos, studying Economics. I have a diploma in Mass Communication and l cannot wait to bag my first degree.

You are a beautiful lady, how do you cope with men's advances?

It is not easy, but God has given me the grace to cope and to draw the line when l am not interested.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment?

That l cannot remember. I don't think l have had any.

What and who can stop you from acting?

Nobody can stop me from acting except my husband.

How do you cope with unknown calls?

I don't get unknown calls, but I get random messages.

Have you dated anybody in the industry?

No, l haven't and I won't.

What's your ideal man?

I will love a God- fearing man. He has to be educated and successful.

What about physical attributes?

I don't think physical appearance is the most important consideration when talking about my ideal man. The will of God should be done above all.

W hat is your relationship with Jim Iyke?

I don't have a relationship with Jim Iyke. I worked with him on set.