Lagos Big Boy Pays Actress 500K For Sex


Forget the fact that this fellow got wedded few months back in Dubai, but he has not turned away from his randy ways. This guy called Bunmi is the only child of a rich Lagos businesswoman, who owns a fast food restaurant chain. His wife, according to those who know him is in for a rough ride disguised as marriage.

They say the bulky fellow has a long list of babes on his pay roll and he is not ready to let them go in the name of marriage. In fact his newest conquest is the lovely actress from the South East. Bunmi was said to have paid half a million naira to bed the pretty actress (name withheld). The Nollywood chic turned down the advances of the dude because of his extra large size, but when he laid his cash on the table, the actress submitted without hesitation. We heard that though most of Bunmi friends won't tell him to his face, they are afraid for him that he would waste his mother's fortune on babes and cars. Though believed to be hard working Bunmi is also a big spender and a lover of the good things of life. Only time will tell if he will expand or destroy his mother business.