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Talk is cheap, so they say. The transformation of national agenda from reality to a more complicated avenue of implementation has resulted in a growing concern among many intellectuals who have discovered that society is now tied to two worlds: the world of reality and the Internet social world. It's either one is living in the world of 'To go,' yahoo, google, facebook blogs and twitter or living in the ordinary world, the world of reality.

Ironically and dramatically, most people prefer to live in a world of fantasy, dishing out fake gist, creating new profiles for themselves, designing new images of their unnatural selves, and creating fake and deceptive identities to lure fragile minds. Many of us fall victims of some antics, not because we are willing, but for the fact that we are often subsumed in the fake reality of our existence, so convinced that the difference between reality and what we see on our computer screen are not too different.

I have come across different characters and personalities on this most popular social network, full of facebook social activism, but meeting them in reality was a total contrast of my expectation and the earlier picture that defined them.  I have tried to access the intellectual ability of individuals who had freely offered their selves to assist me in the pursuit of my dreams for the good of our people, but one thing is certain, they appear so different from what I had  expected, if not a total contrast of the supposed ordinary and natural self. So, we are confronted, on a daily basis, with facebook love, facebook connection, facebook activism, facebook events, facebook policies and even facebook dating, and wait for it, facebook marriage and  a host of others, forgetting the essence of life, the meaning of their call to duty. Duties are now abandoned for some social functions, best realised through some presidential chat on facebook. What time do we have for these frivolous details? I will appreciate this facebook love for my dear country.

Policies are more effective and result-oriented on facebook than in reality today; my president is more proactive on facebook than when physical policies are initiated. Policy execution is often too difficult in reality. But one admirable thing about Mr. President is his ability to convince facebook users, who are so engrossed in the fake reality of facebook that all is well. I will ever live to applaud our facebook president for giving us a step-by-step facebook agenda of his administration. What many of us need in this country is facebook propaganda, not minding the reality, and Mr. President is not only good but also absolutely perfect in the twisting and bending of facebook administrative style.

From wall to wall, my dear president tells the story of his activities; he expatiates on his achievements with all melodic, musical and rhythmic rhymes, so perfect, so convincing and well cooked for our consumption; so the reality is more on the Internet than in the physical. Who says Nigerians do not like to be happy, just for being happy, with less emphasis on reality and much emphasis on fantasy? People who have criticised my dear president for not matching his many talks and promises with action have been considered the nation's black sheep. If we keep this up, I will also be in his black book, but who cares? Their cowardice is basically due to their inability to effectively use the Internet to examine Mr. President's agenda and policies. Facebook tells a story of a man whose second name is achievement. The noticeable difference is that there are ample of negative criticisms here and there, as regards the stagnant government policies in the physical; but who says that most Nigerian youth do not have their second lives on facebook. This could be why many of us have been considered as his uncensored followers. Egalitarian and uncensored because many of us follow Mr. President, yet tell him the truth and the reality of his political blunders; even though facebook tells us the opposite.

Who do I now ask when I grab the gist of 24- hour power supply on facebook and nothing is close to that in reality?  Do I have to find my life and the livewire of the nation on facebook and just facebook? How do we explain to our children who return from the cyber with the notion that roads are being constructed, bridges are being built, affordable houses are being erected and schools are now affordable, with the creation of more universities as a panacea for educational problem of the country, if they ask why things are slow, yet not steady? I'm confused. Bullshit propaganda, I must say.

But why would anybody blame my dear president for not reacting to criticisms from different quarters? Why would anyone expect him to react? Some have said that he has no comprehension of the real world, what bona fide people think and feel. He comes from a generation of hawkers and now hawks our plights to propaganda and facebook love for the country.  Some have this basic opinion that he has no loyalty to his electorate, except some facebook loyalty. Some have termed him a hypocrite who is not averse to winning catchy headlines with all his empty promises. But the most painful of all, is that some have decided to call him a liar, elected under false pretences and the sooner he is gone, the better. Even at my displeasure, I blame whoever condemns my dear president with such words; so harsh for me to bear.

Another sad part is that we now can no longer judge a party on their potential for good governance through their manifestoes and  pledges because they aren't worth the paper they are written on and particularly when so much emphasis is placed on just social medium for some deceptive propaganda. It is simply like the talking drum; I mean the Yoruba talking drum. I will always appreciate the scintillating sound of the talking drum. The manipulations, the twists, and the transitions associated with this music accompaniment are worthy of commendation.  The talking drum is percussion to which people can dance at regular intervals. It defines the rhythm between space and time. It is the reason dance is always defined, in African concept, as the rhythmic movement of the body within time and space.

One noticeable characteristics of the talking drum is that it motivates and gets to the far end of the world. A typical Yoruba man will not stand still while the talking drum showers accolades on dancers with its beautiful and rumbling sound that is quite inviting. But one disadvantage of the talking drum is when a dancer misses his steps and dances outside the beats. If such happens, then the dancer's career is obviously put on the line. His prestige as a dancer would be rubbished. If there is anything that I have learnt in Lagos was to respect the talking drummers who can either make or mar one's dancing career.

The talking drum has at the moment been introduced into the Nigerian political system.  It has been beautifully designed by the handler who jostles with the rest of the dancers. He beats with so much strength and vigour. The beats radiate as if tomorrow 'no dey.' So, we were all convinced that the talking drum was going to produce a beautiful beat that will synchronise with our dance steps. From a distance, it sounded like a heavy bomb with rhythm. From the far Niger Delta, it produced a vibrating rhythm close to pulling down a mansion. Unfortunately, the drum can only produce accurate sounds on facebook, and rubbish our dances in reality.