Everything Must Change

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Everything must change, nothing will be left out. From the centre of the earth to the four corners of life, change is the wind. Everyone must experience the change, no one will be exempted. The ongoing global change is not directly manmade and cannot be avoided; it's a wave that must sweep through and through for the next season of history. Man abhors the spirit of change, yet refuses to change by himself. But change is one of the roots of life and living-change must. Change is a beautiful thing, but as water in its importance and benefits, it can be a very deadly wave when decisions oppose the flow of its current. Change must! Change will. Change is.

Change did not begin with the much blazing and blasting “Arab Spring” nor did it end with black slavery; change evolved with time and lived in times. The Mayan calendar will not stop the clock of time, nor will the revealing of the antichrist become eternity for all-the end of change is at the foot of Christ. It's a phase which ushers in a dawn; change is the other page of life and history…at intervals. The power of change is the breaking of the dawn in societies, but the destruction of empires and kingdoms is the result of unyielding opposition to change-it destroys everything in its path. That's why men should embrace change with open alms, optimism and all positiveness.

The beauty of change is all around us: in science, technology, in man's deepened hunger and pursuit for truth, for freedom; for God, and in the choices of personal decisions over fate-choices brought into play by every dot in the many human rights codes. Change is always beautiful; howbeit, it produces on mankind the very results which truth is known for, only this time, quicker. Truths may be reserved for the seventh seal, but change bulldozes its way. The angle from which man views change determines how he responds to it. The path which leads man from the cradle to the grave and glory is paved with the colour of change. Many roads lead to the intermittent stops of change but man chooses which to take.

From the Arab world through Europe and all of Africa the cries of change are heard. The earth cries for change and the inhabitants echo her wishes. Every society or state ruled by men accepts change when it comes, but when demons sit on kingdoms and governments, they do not end up destroying themselves alone but, like the devil of old, draw down with them many stars set in glory to shine forth in every sphere for all-round illumination. When it comes to Nigeria, change takes greater hold as it stands; everyone, every area cries, knowingly and not, for change-a quick one. And change in Nigeria must. It's not only pertinent for the Nigerian government and everyone in positions to either accept or oppose change to consider, and fast, how to react to the unavoidable change which is fast becoming the cloudy sky, what is decided in the long run of this no-time will become the history of all times, and therefore should be made decisively and promptly.

Nigeria needs a greater change-from its foundation blocks, through its claims for reasons to remain as one, to the overwhelming and ever-growing dissimilarities. The political structures in Nigeria need change and change must come in, whether invited or not. Israel and Britain, two nations with high regard for human rights and democracy, still undergo the present needed changes; why would anyone ever think that Nigeria is not the more in need of these changes than anything else, and anyone else? Change is coming to Nigeria and sweeping through everything that situates within this name. Individuals must change for a changed nation to be birthed. Change is newness and everything will experience it. It's time for Nigerian leaders-all of them-to start responding to the change which is already too close for comfort. Considering the global happenings, it would be the wisest choice, and in earnest, the only way out for Nigeria if its leaders call for a Sovereign National Conference without further delay. Change is a friend, and as water, is essential to life. But to the Assads and Gaddafis of Nigeria, and to any leader in Nigeria who preaches that the highly corrupt, wicked and ousted Mubarak of Egypt be freed from his many atrocious and stubborn stance against change and, instead, be crowned with gold: the water which lifted and saved Noah with his family will drown them that feed on selfishness, wickedness, bigotry and rebellion against the God of all flesh. Who are you to consider yourself able to rise and stand against the tide of God's timing? It is change or change-either way, change must prevail. And when resisted for long, will become gully erosion in the living room of the obstinate.

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

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