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On this good day ,on this wonderful day ,on this fresh and annointed day ,i praise you God for allowing us to see another brand new light .I glorify your name because you are GOD and you have never changed nor will you ever change.

Father i thank you for a nation like Nigeria , a nation so much blessed with abundance of resources but cursed with leadership that refused to grow up.I herewith bring our nation into your court ,as i pray along ,,,
My mum will call you "onoro ihe noro enyi,ogbajiri igwe kpoo ya nku,ugwu ana ari atu egwu" but i call you the ROCK OF AGES.

The population clustered in that nation are so dejected and downcasted that they refused to wake up and take charge of what the good Lord has giving unto them.
When i look around, i see people walking like zombies ,people walking like those chained with shackles and fetters of iron ,the amazing thing is that they all suffer and yet smile as if everything is alright.None wants to get out from the slumberish sleep and demand a fair deal from the Government for the masses,everybody seems to be a walking nightmare without the will to wake up and see a new dawn.

We are so relaxed with corruption that we praise criminals ,instead of demanding justice,we defend criminals who exploit ,steal and hold us down.There was a time in late 70,s back in alaigbo when people rose up and chase evil men out of the land,it was nick named "BOYS OYEEEE ",there was a time when if you have questionable wealth the people living around you will treat you like a leper which you are, parents will question any child with sudden wealth to explain how come.

There was a time that people look crooks on the face and tell them to beat it.That was olden days when good men abound ,but this days ,you see Nigerians praise and worship a Governor that came into power with less than 100K as his gross worth ,he did nothing to remember him or his tenure in state house,left no LEGACY ,but by the time he leave office he will have houses all over the western nations,buy hotels everywhere but Nigeria and, his children bank account will be heavier than that of the state.Instead of the people whose money he stole to rise up and burn him down,mow him down or picket him with anger ,they will all line up and offer him one OGBONGE TITLE ,they may even name him ONWA,kpakpando and people will line up behind him to become his friends.
Little wonder any other Politician that comes in will not border to appease the masses nor do something worthwhile because his predecessor did nothing and nothing happened and nobody felt offended.

So today it has become trend in our society that you must embezzle public fund without regret and no repercussion,so no need to be just and no need to render good leadership because there is no cause for alarm.....

Dear God,it pains me to always hear my people say "God save Nigeria" ,if i am God i will visit Nigeria with KOBOKO and flog some sense into us.You have already blessed us more than any other nation on earth ,but out of our own approved stupidity ,we enthrone ndi Ekperima as our leaders and for that we lost the voice to ask them to account to us what they did with OUR united MONEY.

Today in Nigeria ,we measure success by how much of public fund you embezzled or should i use STEAL ?,the more a politician steal ,the more we give him our votes ,we crown him dogfather and he become the king maker and anyi na asi na ife ga adi nma ?[we crave for things to get better ?]

Today we praise sing for criminals ,vote for robbers and when a good man comes around to be voted for ,we laugh him to scorn because we are comfortable with accursed leaders with deep pocket ,while the goods ones are without deep pocket but deep vision.

Daddy ,i know it is not what you want for us but what we choose to live with, and i beg you daddy please revive the spirit of LIVING in Nigerians, for what we have today is spirit of the living dead ,so that with one mind the nation will rise and descend on those looters and thieves that has held us in bondage for half a century,those that thrieve on chaos ,those that refused to give us basic amenities ,instead they used our money to develope far places where they open refineries ,factories ,hotels , Real estates and they pay great taxes out there and gave employment to many, but back home they have nothing outside chains of luxury cars to intimidate us.

Give us the will,zeal and strenght for the nation to desend on them, demand for them to bring back our public stolen fund ,we may not demand that it should be shared to us ,but it should be invested on those places it was stolen from ,such as build us good housing estate affordable to the poor,good hospitals- good and cheap enough for the poor to get treatment and have nice medication without developing HBP because of the cost ,good schools for our kids no matter the social status of the parents,good clinics and good air conditioned transportation system for all,it cannot kill us to have life that is blessed out of the abundance of wealth you deposited in our soil.

But in a situation the looters refused to give us back our money by above method ,may we have the mind to give them jungle justice ,burn them down and leave them uselessly weeping.This is where we will beg God to burn down those properties they bought overseas with our money,jumble the accounts they have in foriegn and local banks and cause confusion between them and those they are using in holding our funds in foreign land,so that they will get swindled by those that will bring the money back and invest it to our pleasure.

Father something that baffles me more is our past leaders,such as ,those that has led the nation for the past 40 years plus, they are from the North ,they controlled the economy of the nation and faith of the nation for those years but ,what they were able to leave behind is epileptic power supply to the nation ,to the youths of the North they left them miserablely dejected,hopeless and it reached a time that the Northern youths has taking it to another level ,now they have formed BOKO HARAM ,but the dilema is that instead for them to move from house to house of those Northern leaders that has led the nation into abject neglect,gross poverty and start dishing out justice of hacking off thier heads,burning down thier houses and making them feel misery same way they made the youths of the nation and the North to feel,this frustrated young men started killing those that had nothing to do with the impoverisation.We know they are psyched and thier mind corrupted by citing religious munbo jumbo ,but the truth is that leadership has being the bane and continue to be and with no end in sight ,unless the masses decided to give judgement that will have long lasting effect.

Please father let the youths of the North see that this is misplaced aggression,they should take out the anger on thier leaders that has led them wrong and astray and into the abyss.At least it will be a new begining and new life ,so that other incoming leaders will develope some fear of what might happen if they embezzle again,as it is in Ghana today ,they steal just a little for fear of, JERRY the RAW is the begining of fearful democracy.Please don,t forget to allow the same justice to be administered in all section of the country by the youths of every state against those that has held us down with no intent of letting go.

I wanted to complain about the past leaders ,but i do not know where to start or where to stop ,but i have to start somewhere ,so Lord ,i want to complain that this our past and current leaders have travelled the world ,saw good roads, enjoy un-interuptted power supply ,get security unrivalled ,witness security of lives,town planning ,they will see all those things and when they get back to Nigeria they will not implement that which they saw ,because they left thier senses in the hotel overseas.Please help us to bring back thier senses ,so that they can bring back to us such luxury,for i knew that if they hate such luxury they won,t be wasting our money travelling to civilisation to taste it.

Many of our leaders bank our collective money overseas ,the money we are talking about is serious money ,money that can better the lot,s of the citizens ,but this leaders decided to move this money into Swiss,America or Europian banks ,including Britian.The money they stole from us and bank in those places are same money they will go to borrow onbehalf of the state and nation,and we will be paying interest that is outrageous by every standard.As they will say in Britain "penny wise ,pound foolish".

Father we want to forgive this leaders ,but you have to compel them to bring back those wealth and use it to do some of the following,we do not want them to give it back to us but invest it or use it and develope our nation for us ,,,,,
we want REAL ESTATES that will be affordable to Tom,Musa and Oluwole,this rotten leaders stole enough money to build us a TOWN each without breaking sweat ,instead they leave the money at white man,s land and our nation and state are living in penury.They can build us factories and many people will gain employment,they can invest on our states and individuals ,we shall all be happy and praise them ,even though the fund is ours but we appreciate if they keep it invested in our state ,we can have a whiff of it ,while they have the ultimate ownership of the investment.If they cannot do that ,may our ill equipped ,half trained and malnourished policemen with defective guns ,turn the guns on them instead of okada riders and bus conductors,let the police use same bullet that will kill innocent citizens and kill off this group of farts that hold us in strangulation choke without any mind of letting go.

Our hearts bleed because our Presidents has lost wives and even President at HOSPITAL OVERSEAS ,but that is not enough lesson for them to build us such hospitals all over the place ,so that when they will be desperate to be sick as usual ,they can see a place they can fall sick in local currency,instead of getting sick in HARD CURRENCY in another man,s country.
Then we the poor masses can also have a place to get some good medication,the rich will have the VIP wings ,while we enjoy the economy section.Instead this set of leaders prefer to go to London to brush thier teeth at the most expensive dentist.When they have stomach upset they travel to Germany and when they wants to die in a hospital they move to saudi Arabia,but i think that the money they spend on monthly check up can set up hospitals that are more equipped than what they visit overseas,they refused to have it back home ,so that there must be class difference between the Rich and the poor for we have no more middle class in our nation.

If they so much want a white doctor to poke hands on thier body ,they can employ them in droves ,they do this and many people will have hope of getting cured of big man sickness.

Today, Nigerians has started going to India for treatment ,and i cried- which India ? ,why can,t this osochiegbu,s build that same hospitals in Nigeria and employ those Indian doctors and ,they will make money in cartons and get respect and plus they may get chances of us forgiving them.

This our leaders started going from bad to worst the period they changed our national anthem ,from "NIGERIA WE HAIL THEE" to "ARISE O COMPATRIOT,S ,NIGERIA CALL OBEY" ,since then everybody started living in bondage ,fear and intimidation and obidience to Police ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE.This is a nation with multiple destinies and tribal demarcation at every aspect of the government and everyday life.

It got to extent that if you increase the price of bread from 10 naira to 500 naira over night ,nobody absolute nobody including the students are ready to remonstrate ,what you will hear is from a Yoroba "oloshi nie" ,an Igbo will shout "chei odi egwu" and awusa will cry "barawo" and that is all ,everybody will settle with the new price or go hungry.

if we hear that some public officials stole 100 billion naira and was sentenced to KIRIKIRI HOTELS for 6 months ,on the day he will come out officially ,same Nigerians that are suppose to be making bon fires against that outrage will go and dance in his favor,telling him that it is his enemies at work.

Maybe because the political pimps in our nation has chained us so bad,imagine Nigeria became so corrupt to the extent that they banished our NATIONAL PLEDGE ,because it reminds them of "I PLEDGE TO NIGERIA MY COUNTRY ,TO BE FAITHFUL ROYAL AND HONEST" ,but since all of them including the president is never royal ,talkless of honest ,i cannot complain of the members of house of Rogues and Sinators who are more clever thieves than KIDNAPPERS ,all of them are so scared of the wordings of the pledge that they can never recite it for fears of invoking the wrath of the gods.

Daddy ,see the condition of our policemen ,they look worse that village clowns ,they have Guns that was last serviced during the first world war and that is why ,whenever they are chasing Okada or bus conductors to collect egunje ,the Gun will start spilling bullets and killing the innocent.There is no re-training for our Police,no improvement courses,no maintaince ,no new uniform ,if you see thier shoes ,you start to wonder why tetanus is not killing them in droves.

Our Government forget that those that guard peoples live must be well fed ,the family taking care off,life insurance provided incase he lost his life on the line of duty and salary better than what we pay our SENATORS .As i am complaning about the police , i should add other service men on that list.

The salary they pay this men are worst than what this Rogues in government pays to call girls to have a one night stand ,but yet this Security men are expected to stay awake and chase robbers,atimes i wonder how they chase robbers with what, out dated guns ? with Police vehicle that has no maintaince budget,they fuel the vehicle with whatever they extort from Check point and at any giving time they never have more than 4 litters of fuel in the vehicle,so how can they chase robbers with such run down vehicles without spare tire and maintainance?.The Guns assigned to them need sellar tapes,rubber bands to hold some of the parts together because it is falling apart ,the good guns are exclussively assigned to guard our leaders or the rich in our society.There is no communication gadgets among our securities ,so how on earth can they communicate in a situation that needs back up assistance and co-ordination ?.

Daddy ,before i forget, i especially wants to complain about igbo men living in exile ,some of them are so backward that i feel ashame to read from them.
Many of them will leave whatever they do to feed the family and relocate to airpot and wait 4 hours for the arrival of one of those fraudlent ,mischeivious politicians.They will stand in line ,smiling like ikwurigba to gain attention of the same politicians that has looted and ruined our land.This is same educated people we expect to challenge this clowns and ask them to tell us what they,ve done for the state or constituency ,but instead for them to stand up and defend our raped towns and states ,they will simply beg the visiting politician for freindship.My old man will call them "ifere eme chiaka"[shameless and godless],this men will be running errand like small boys for sake of Photo op ,the boys from home send them to go and organise akwuna for them,and this men will happily go out in search of call girl to service the man from home.How do they think that the man whom you organised akwuna for will ever consider you serious ? ,come on you have reduced your value to zero and he will never take you serious nor consider you for anything that is worthswhile.

Baba God ,please give us the spirit of rebels ,spirit of emacipation ,spirit of standing up for our generation and our childrens generation.
Give our youths the strenght to march up to our house of assembies ,house of rep,House of senates and picket them,harras them and demand justice on weekly basis.Let it become part of our job to always checkmate them and keep them on edge and hold them accountable for whatever that goes wrong.Also keep them honest enough to give us account of what they have done and will do for the interest of our growth as a state and nation.
Finally Dear God ,can you do us some favor and give our newspapers some spanking ,so that they will start working as journalist and not some commercial ventures that publish more lies than truth,they prefer lies paid for than truth they will hunt and unravel.Thank you for online news ,some of them are credible ,while some are compromised as the rest.

Stir in us the hunger to demand justice ,also hunger to dish out justice that will bring corrections in that COMATOSE nation ,all this i pray in JESUS NAME ..

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