By NBF News

In an effort to teach the Nigerian populace on the relevance of insurance, specifically life Insurance, Guarantee Trust Assurance Plc has taken up the call to strengthen insurance culture by deploying Television Commercial (TVC )

Speaking, Mr Owolabi Salami, Commercial General Manager (CGM) of GT Assur, during the launch of the product, and the content of the Television commercial, said, a look at commercial brings along with it aspiration, noting that it depends on exactly how well prepared the person (s) is or are.

Owolabi pointed that the commercial's initiative is a step in the right direction since it will serve as a key to sensitize the public on the value of life insurance.

'When people are seeing this advert, in all of the homes you are looking at your children and you are asking yourself what plan have I got for Funke Adebayo in my house because all the children are now, this was the assurance of the CGM.

His words, 'I think it is the first step in the right direction, but I think it will go along way in sensitizing Nigerians on the value of life insurance and that is at least a step in the right direction'.

He promised that other commercials will be introduced which will as well focus on other segment, stating that in Nigeria has a very large female population, overtime there has not been a product that will appeal to the women folk.

Speaking on the policies, he said that Life Insurance costs little and we will achieve that goal, stressing that the essence of life insurance is the appreciation of the value placed on human life and the sustenance of loved ones after departure of a bread winner.

GTAssur pointed out that in 2007, 85 life assurance claims were paid at the death of policy holders, while the company in 2007 paid 100 million claims and as at 2010 it paid 635 million claims.

'Our plans are designed to help people fulfill their dreams and potential in the event of the untimely demise or disablement of their parent, guardian or breadwinner and also as the breadwinner himself/herself grows old' Salami said.

Funke Adebayo, the model used for the commercial stated the benefit of taking an insurance policy in the commercial.