Anita Joseph’s music takes shape

Source: Alayande Dayo -

Time means different things to different people but for sultry actress and wannabe musician Anita Joseph, time means being able to combine acting and recording in the studios for a brand new album which is expected to hit the market before the year runs out.

This writer recalled that Anita recorded her first album in 2009 and the videos accompanying some of the songs were shot in South Africa.

While speaking to Showtime Celebrity the very sexy actress revealed that work on her new album has reached and advanced stage stating that “ my new album is an eleven trackers which I can assure you are not going to be just feelers in an album.

I have recorded eight of the tracks and as I speak to you we have resumed recording for the remaining tracks.”

On whom the producer, is the Anambra State born actress said “I'm using different producers on the project because I don't want to be caught napping. I want Nigerians to feel not just my acting prowess but also my singing ability”

Anita also spoke on her acting career saying “ It's been good for me. I have been very busy and that's why my music career had to take a back seat. I have just returned from Asaba where I went for the shoot of a new comedy movie that also featured great names like Osuofia, Chinyere Nwabueze, Gentle Jack and Njideka Okeke. I have been very busy my brother and I give thanks to God for the favour