Another chance for Kel

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Kel came out with a club banger, Wa wa Alright, a few years ago and suddenly found space in the hit makers list, but it was just for a little while.

Her name was almost deleted thereafter as the sultry singer, who was always in one controversy or the other, didn't follow up on her success in music as many had expected. A lot of people felt Kel had nothing else to offer.

However, the pretty singer is set to change that perception, and perhaps, she might get lucky again and find a place in the A-list category of artistes. Entertainment is ready to roll out the drums for Kel following her departure from her former label, Capital Hill Music, where she released her debut album, The Investment, which had her hit single, Wa Wa Alright.

Anyway, it wasn't as if her hiatus was really a waste. Let's not forget that the singer, during this break, became a Soulmate hair products brand ambassador, a deal which we heard fetched her some cool dough.

After all the criticisms, troubles and scandals, Kelechi is not throwing in the towel just yet. She and her camp have released materials that have introduced a new dimension to her brand. With her new singles, Super Woman featuring Lami, Shayo & Move and Mu Kulu, the rapper just might get it right again