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Revealed! How Tinubu Plans to Usurp Fashola's Govt.

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Indications from various political climes have wondered why former Lagos state governor and leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu would want to make the next four years difficult for the re-elected Governor of the state, Babatunde  Fashola, should he (Fashola) decides not to obey the revered 'political godfather'. understands that some clandestine measures have recently been put in place by Tinubu to close-mark Fashola in case of any likely breach of agreement between two of them, despite the fact that Fashola's return to governance is seen as a reward for hard work and benevolence.  

  According to our source close to the leadership of the party, this near drift may have been a diligent strategy by Tinubu to further sustain his leadership posture in ACN, considering the party's successes in the South West during the recent general elections and meant to forestall a situation where Governor Fashola would not be out of the control of the former governor, Tinubu as he is said to have started the repositioning of his loyalists around the seat of power.  

  Part of Tinubu's plans is in retaining the current Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Hon. Adeyemi Ikuforiji, for the next four years. It is revealed that Ikuforiji who was told to move from his Epe Constituency to Ikeja so as to retain the position which has been zoned to Ikeja had suddenly become the party's favourite after he was successfully used to fight Governor Fashola in favour of Tinubu last year.  

  Another factor that has played itself out in the power play in the governance of Lagos state is daring determination of the former governor to ensure that all the office holders who supported Fashola during the crisis were thrown out of out of office. A dependable source confirmed that this was the reason why the current Deputy Governor, Princess Adebisi Sosan was replaced by the state Commissioner for Women Affairs, Joke Orelope-Adefulire.  

  'The issue of bringing in Tinubu's men came as an agreement between Fashola and the former governor. This happened when Fashola led a high powered delegation to Abibatu Mogaji, Tinubu's mother. Tinubu, who does not like disobeying his mother, decided that the only way he would forgive the governor and allow him a second term was to ensure that all those he would work with come from him.  

  'This was why the former governor made sure that only his loyalists won at the House of Assembly seats in the recently held elections. All those who supported the governor were not given another chance just as all his supporters at the National Assembly were sent packing,' one of our sources said.  

  According to the source, another move by Tinubu is to make sure that he continues to have a firm grip on the governor, and also following his declaration that all those who were the asked to move to the Labour Party in order to contest various political offices would not be allowed to come back to the party fold.  

  Political pundits have however observed that the new move to shut the door against ACN members who decamped to another party on decoy is also a way of ending their political careers in the state. understands that a list of all members of the state executive council who supported the governor during the period he had issues with his 'godfather' have been compiled. These set of commissioners and political office holders would be replaced by others who sources said are still being put together.  

  Tinubu, according to our source have repeatedly vowed that the task of selecting and appointing Commissioners and other senior political office holders would now become the responsibility of the party instead of the governor. According to him, it would afford the party the opportunity to compensate those who assisted the governor and the party to achieve success in the last election. also learnt that the courtesy call on the former governor by the newly elected lawmakers in the state, led by the Speaker was meant to cement the party's bid to drum it into the ears of the lawmakers that it is Ikuforiji that the party wanted for the position.  

  'At the meeting, Tinubu advised the lawmakers to do the job for which they were elected or face the wrath of the party and those who voted them into offices.  

  'While thanking Tinubu for giving them the opportunity to become elected public office holders, the Speaker had reiterated that the lawmakers were 'Tinubu's foot-soldiers' and would continue to remain so as long as the party remained.  

  'The courtesy call was not really what people think it was. It was an opportunity for Asiwaju to task the lawmakers on the duties the party expected them to perform in the next four years.  

  'He also told them that Ikuforiji was his chosen candidate for the position of the Speaker and asked all those who had been expressing interest in the position to rescind their interests and support the party's choice,' our source revealed.