Whither the controvesies of Anita Joseph?

Source: Nonye Ben-Nwankwo - Nigeriafilms.com
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It looks as if Anita Joseph, one of the most talked about actresses in Nollywood, has turned over a new leaf.

Before now, hardly would a month end without her being enmeshed in one controversy or the other.

But in recent times, nothing has been heard about this actress with a scintillating body. In fact, she has been missing on the social circle for some time.

When we called her on the phone recently, Joseph first asked, “What have I done again?'

Anyway, when Life and Beat asked her what she had been up to lately, the actress cum singer said she had been off the scene for a while because “I have been in South Africa. I have been shooting some videos of my forthcoming album.” Joseph says that her debut album will be ready soon.

“I have been so busy in Asaba as well. Acting has kept me busy. I have been on the set for a long time as well as trying to put finishing touches to my album,” she says.