I'm Still Sassy - Muma Gee

By nfc
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Of recent Muma Gee's weird dressing has attracted a lot of comment and interest. In this little chat Muma Gee reveals how she designs her outfit.

You are known to be very flamboyant, weird, sexy, crazy and sometimes you turn down on your looks. What informs your dress sense? I think it has a lot to do with the mood.

I'm still sassy, still looking good and sexy; l don't have to look crazy all the time. Does your dress sense define your clothing line and please describe your dress sense?

I just love to look like this and everything l wear is me. I'd say my dress sense is inspired by the way l feel, the mood, and l like to just look good and be comfortable in what l wear.

I'm beautiful in anything l wear. What fabric soothes you most? Most times l make do with African fabrics like Kente from Ghana or Akwete and Aso-oke from Nigeria.

I just mix up everything and it turns out nice. I don't overdo it so it doesn't look clumsy but sometimes l really go crazy.

Who designs your outfit? I design what l wear myself but at one point or the other, Zizi Cardow and Modela made something for me.

But I'm a designer myself and most importantly, my specialty is in designing men's underwear. Isn't that weird? Not at all! If other clothing lines can make underwear and lingerie for women, why can't l make for men? MG's Confidence is my clothing line and that's what we specialize in (men's underwear). We make brief boxers and pants for men. So how do you get measurements for your clientele?

I carried out a lot of research before l started, so that's not a problem. As a professional, l know what to do. I can tell the size of any man l see. It's got to do with professionalism and coupled with talent, it goes a long way. What inspires your craziness? Like l said, it's the mood, nothing else.