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By Alayande Dayo
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Twenty two-year-old Lincy Laila is a versatile Kenyan actress who has decided to spread her tentacles to the Nigerian movie industry. In this interview with , she spoke on her mission in Nollywood and other issues

Q: Tell us about yourself?
A: I'm a 300-level student of Daresalaam Bagamoyo School of Art, Tanzania. My hobbies include acting, dancing, singing, reading and travelling.

Q: So, what is your mission in Nollywood?
A: To work with them. I want to be one of their casts and let them know that I really appreciate what they are doing because they are the number one.

Q: In the world or Africa?
A: I can say in the world. You know that in Nollywood, there is no fiction, they use true life stories, the day to day life of the people.

Q: Tell us the jobs you've done as an actress in Kenya?
A: I have actually done many jobs. I have also performed live on stage with many international artists. As a dancer and choreographer, I have also worked with MTV Base among others.

Q: While in Kenya, did you study the Nigerian movie industry?
A: Yes! I have done that because we really embrace Nollywood. We also have marketers distributing Nollywood movies, and of course, we have a lot of Nigerians living in Kenya and I have learnt a lot from them.
Also, with the help of Africa Magic, we watch Nigerian movies everyday.

Q: Your favourite Nigerian actor(s)/actress?
A: I like Ini Edo, Genevieve Nnaji, Patience Ozokwor, Ramsey Noah, Emeka Ike… the list is endless.

Q: What kind of role do you intend to play in Nollywood?
A: I will go with any role. I will take any role given to me. Even if it is a wicked role, I will do it.

Q: Don't you think some Nollywood actors have been stereotyped?
A: Yes, I have noticed that, but it's because most people are not flexible. They can only play one role, maybe being a mother, father or a king's adviser.

Q: How will you rate the Nigerian movie industry?
A: After Hollywood, it is Nollywood, and it is still improving.

Q: If you are asked to change something about Nollywood, what would it be?
A: I will start by working more with actors and actresses in other African countries.

Q: You have travelled so well around Europe and other continents, why did you settle for Nollywood?
A: Well, being a black, my chances of acting in Europe are slim, besides, most of them don't speak English Language and that means I have to learn their languages.

Q: Are you aware of sexual harassment in Nollywood?
A: Yes!

Q: So how prepared are you?
A: I'm very prepared. I'm a very principled person, So, there is no problem.

Q: As a young and beautiful lady, how do you cope with your male admirers?
A: First of all, I'm not rude. If any man desires to talk to me, I talk to them. But if they tell me bullshit, I just tell them what they are supposed to be told. I won't shout but give them one or two words that will truly hit them hard.

Q: If you have the chance, which Nollywood actor would you love to work with?
A: Emeka Ike and Nonso Diobi.