Celebration of Bode George: Impunity Taken To a Disturbing Level

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  I have just read online the release of Chief Bode George from Ikoyi Prison and the celebration that went with it. I saw photographs particularly the women in uniform, and George's associates and hangers on doing what they know best. I saw also the  thanksgiving service at the Cathedral Church of Christ Marina, Lagos. My mind flew back to the similar thanksgiving service for the former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola after being disgraced out of office for stealing himself into power in Osun state. I remember that I was so pissed off that I challenged the Vicar of Oyinlola's church to tell the world what he preached as sermon on that day and what he told the electoral thief who stole power for almost four years .But Ven.Tayo Aduloju was different. Hear what the courageous priest told the Boy George: "IF YOU ARE INVOLVED IN ANY SHADY DEAL; IF YOU ARE FOUND ANYWHERE ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED AND PARTAKE IN ANY FORM OF MANIPULATION, IT MEANS THAT YOU HAVE NOT LEARNT ANYTHING FROM YOUR EXPERIENCE". This is straight to the point. This is courage simplicita. This is unputdownable. Nigeria is changing. Thank you, Tayo Aduloju. You spoke well.   Today, Saturday, February 26, 2011 the impunity was repeated in Lagos for Chief Bode George who regained his freedom after being jailed for 2 years for stealing and abuse of office. Today in Lagos we saw placards like 'God is Great, Our leader is back,' 'Our Joseph is back', 'This is the Joseph of our time' e.t.c.   At once I ran away with the thinking that we do not learn from history. I figured that this is impunity taken to a disturbing level. What the jailbird, Chief Bode George would have done is to go home quietly and quietly thank his God also for letting him out of the prison with life intact. Some high profile convicts like Bode George died in detention in Nigeria. I expect that Bode George would have seized the moment to reflect on his life, his numerous women and his children.

  But Chief Bode George and his PDP cannot change. They continue to mock Nigerians, they continue to insult our collective intelligence, they continue to tell us that impunity is no crime, they continue to make Nigeria a laughing stock in the comity of nations, they continue to disgrace the beautiful people of Nigeria, they continue to provoke Nigerians without remorse, they continue to tell us that they own Nigeria and they continue to tell us to go to hell. Chief Bode George is mercilessly corrupt, outlandishly arrogant and potentially selfish. Bode George says he has learnt his lessons but we wait in the days ahead to see if he can translate that to reality or walk his talk. A woman selling roasted plantain near Bode George's house in Ikoyi told the Nation that Chief Bode George is known in the area for dating small girls and buying cars for them with our stolen billions. This is the man supposed decent men and women roll out drum to celebrate.   But wait a minute and ask yourself these simple questions: What do these people think about us? What does this party called PDP think of Nigeria? Do they think that things will remain the same forever in Nigeria? Are these people not worried about themselves and their families? Do they think at all? Are they conscious of history and it damning verdicts on men and women without conscience? Do they know that actions carry consequences? The Alibabas and the forty thieves may provoke Nigerians to a revolution if they do not retrace their steps.  

  This country has suffered in the hands of PDP leaders including Chief Bode George for twelve years and I think we need a breathing space. This party has frittered away many opportunities in this country in the last twelve years and has shown no remorse. The leaders of this party have abandoned 7500 projects throughout Nigeria. There is no electricity, no good roads, no food, no security, no jobs, no good schools, no good hospitals, and no good transport system. Our feet are tired.   PDP and their useless leaders have brought shame to this country, they have destroyed all the values we hold dear in this country in the past twelve years, they have crippled our economy and they have stolen our future.   Very soon you will hear some PDP members asking President Goodluck Jonathan to grant amnesty to Chief Bode George. They will tell us that Chief Bode George is not the first thief in Nigeria. They will tell us that he was framed up in the first place by his political foes. They will manufacture a thousand and one reasons why George must not be addressed as ex-convict.   I continue to say that this country is moving backwards in the age of progress because we have had clueless, myopic, and political nitwits in power for twelve years now. Nigeria's endless somersault as a civilization continues to prick the conscience of well meaning Nigerians and I know that we can do something to stop the dangerous drift. Now what can we do to stop the scavengers in power? Vote PDP out of power in April 2011 presidential elections and it shall be well with Nigeria. Case Rested!!!     Joe Igbokwe   Lagos   

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