"I am the bomb!" ----Hannah Ehiagwina

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Hannah Ehiagwina
Hannah Ehiagwina
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Hannah Ehiagwina is young and talented.She told NFC that she is ready to take the Nigerian movie industry by storm. A native of Uromi, Edo State in Nigeria, Hannah believe that if she is given the opportunity she can prove as self. "I am up to the challenge.Nollywood should get set to experience me because I am the bomb!"

Hannah tol dus in a chat that Nollywood star actress, Omotola Jolade-Ekehinde is her idol. "I love her to a fault. Everytime, I imagine when I will come in contact with her. I also love her figure after four kids" she said.

Beautiful Hannah said she is not desperate to the point of posing nude in movies. The farthest she can go is to wear skimpy clothes. "I can act any role.I also believe I am sexy but i can't pull off my clothes completely in movies.Let the man go crazy after seeing a bit of your stuff.When they see everything, then there would be nothing left to the imagination"

On the issue of sex, she said it is wonderful but people should think of the consequences before doing it. People who can't hold their body when its on fire should use condom or else, they would keep on aborting or giving birth to children who will turn out to be menace to society.

Hannah who is looking up to producers to test her acting prowess said she can fit into English or movies perfectly.