Zionist spy and anti Islam conspiracy

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Former Dutch MP and extreme enemy of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali was forced to leave Netherlands and resigns from the parliament because of her indirect involvement in making of a film criticizing Islam. The maker of this film was also duly punished by heroes of Islam. Now Ayaan Hirsi Ali is living almost hidden life in United States because of the serious crime and sin she committed by becoming a party in the anti-Islamic film. The entire episode will hopefully stand as a example of those enemies of Islam of the consequences of conspiring against this ever fastest growing religion in the world.

Seeing the glorious rise of Islam in the world, particularly in the West, anti-Islamic forces and Judeo- Christian conspirators are relentlessly trying to defame Islam in multiple ways and means either by using the influential global media against Islam or hiring some agents in the Muslim and non-Muslim nations in spreading concocted propaganda against Islam. Though such agents of Judeo-Christian conspirators are mostly working secretly, some of such agents are showing the huge audacity of working almost openly in several countries, thus spreading venom against Islam in a planned way. Their initial strategy was using the name of Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda in actually hurting the image of Islam, which now has been even widened by their attack on Sharia law, Qur'an and even the Islam itself.

The Judeo-Christian conspirators raise fingers at Muslim cultures like burqa or hizab and try to portray it as “tools of oppression” of women. They are trying to allure and indulge the Muslim nations towards nudity and sexual perversion. It promotes bad practices like live together, sex before marriage, extra marital sex and the culture of single mother in the Muslim nations. Prominent social philosophers compare today's Western world as a “Huge Brothel”, where every woman either is raped or has sexual experience during very tinder age either through incest sex or school mates. Condom or even oral contraceptive vending machines are available in most of the educational institutions and campuses in the West. Ninety six percent of Western girls lose their virginity before reaching their 15th birthday. Numbers of fatherless child crosses almost a few thousand every year, while most of the married women in the West conceive child through extra-marital sexuality.

Bangladesh is the third largest Muslim nation in the world with a total population of 156 million. It is the country, which hosts the second largest annual Islamic congregation in the world. Bangladeshis by nature are extremely devout and they have been unconditional defenders of Islam. The country has excellent relations with the Muslim Ummah and has shown the guts of standing in favor of oppressed people of Palestine and any other country, where Muslims are being persecuted or oppressed by enemies of Islam. But, with all such appreciable and glorious track record of a real Muslim nation, for past several years, an identified Zionist spy named Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is continuing anti-Muslim and anti-Islam activities right from within Bangladesh through his anti-Islam publication named Weekly Blitz as well as by writing objectionable and nefarious articles against Islam, Muslims and the entire Ummah.

This man is proved to be an Israeli spy and is trial in charges of blasphemy and sedition in Bangladeshi court since 2003, when his connections with Israel and Judeo-Christian conspirators were busted. Bangladeshi government was forced to free him on bail in 2005 at the pressure from various influential anti-Islamic quarters and individuals in the West.

Weekly Blitz proclaiming to be “anti-Jihadist”, is in reality a publication against Islam and peace. It is continuing to hurt Muslim sentiments through articles, editorials and commentaries, mostly contributed by blasphemous writers belonging to Judeo-Christian syndicate, whose only agenda is to defame Islam and Muslims. This self-proclaimed Zionist newspaper regularly spreads venom against Islamic scholars like Dr. Zakir Naik as well as other Islamic political parties and fronts. It also openly denounces the existence of the State of Palestine and supports Israeli occupation and oppressions. Weekly Blitz openly opposes Tabligh Jamaat and even shows the extreme audacity of unduly connecting Muslim scholars, Islamic institutions and organizations as co-projects of Al Qaeda etc. It portrays Yasir Arafat, Mahmud Ahmedinejad, Ismail Haniya, Saddam Hussain and other Muslim heroes as “culprits”. This newspaper demands ban on Tabligh Jamaat and most of the Islamic dawah groups. Unjustly it puts imaginary blames on Tabligh Jamaat by linking it with Bali bombing in Indonesia or Muslims behind the questioned attack on Twin Towers, though it has already been exposed to the world that Israel and Bush administration jointly planned the attack on Twin Towers to gain political benefit.

In recent months, the same Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is continuing to publicize making of series of films against Islam. One of the first movies of this series named BLACK is already being filmed in Bangladesh. And, anti-Islamic groups are giving tremendous media coverage to this anti-Islam movie. One of such media outlets, expressing solidarity with this anti-Islam movie of Shoaib Choudhury is Washington Bangla Radio. This online radio station is continuing to broadcast interviews of people involved with this film with the objective of promoting BLACK to larger section of people in the world.

In the published material Shoaib Choudhury says “This film is against Sharia, Islamism, religious intolerance, hate speech and repression of women under Sharia law. This film is aimed at creating massive awareness in the people in Muslim nations in standing against Islamism and Sharia, and voicing the need for reform in Islam, Koran and Islamic codes.

“BLACK is the first film of the planned series of seven movies. Each of the movies is aimed at ultimately projecting problems inside Islam and Sharia law in a very bold manner.”

Washington Bangla Radio (WBR) has already turned into an influential and effective platform of so-called secularists and anti-Islamists within the Bangla speaking community. It also has expanded its network within non Bengali communities through its English publications and contents. It is well understood that, WBR is a platform of Bangla speaking anti Islam groups in the West, whose agenda is not only to defame Islam but also to establish Indian hegemony over the South Asian nations as well as the world.

Shoaib Choudhury's multi-million dollar anti Islam movie BLACK has started openly publicizing its agenda of speaking against Sharia law, Qur'an, Islamic codes and Islam. It denounces Qur'anic laws and demands its reform.

According to Islam, anyone denouncing Qur'anic codes and laws is considered to be an apostate and deserves punishment under Islamic laws. It is mandatory for every Muslim, who fears Allah and the life after death to stand and voice against any such elements in the society and wave Jihad. Silently witnessing activities of these apostates is unforgivable sin according to Qur'an.

Apostate Shoaib Choudhury is taking the advantage of the current situation in Bangladesh, where an anti-Islam political party snatched power through questioned election in 2008. The ruling Bangladesh Awami League is continuing to implement anti-Islam agenda in the country through numerous repressive agendas against Islamic forces.

World Muslim community needs to be aware of the continuous conspiracy of apostate Shoaib Choudhury against Islam. Bangladeshi government should be urged to ban making of BLACK and sending Shoaib back to prison for his anti-Islam agendas and activities.

Enemies of Islam like Salman Rishdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Walid Shoebat etc are forced to live virtually like thieves by hiding in the West. Even in Pakistan, apostates like Salman Butt has been successfully eliminated and another apostate named Sherry Rehman has taken refuge behind heavy armed guards. Apostate Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury deserves similar consequences. Reluctance in confronting this man or watching his anti-Islam activities silently may encourage enemies of Islam in becoming more aggressive in their agendas.

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