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Dethroned Sardauna of Gumel, Senator Muhammad Alkali, has insisted that he was still in possession of the traditional title given to him by the Emirate Council, as he had not commit any offence to lead to his removal.

Speaking on a political programme of a Freedom Radio, Senator Alkali said as far was he was concerned, he had not committed any offence against the Emir of Gumel,  the Emirate Council or any of the council's member to  result  to his removal as the traditional title holder of Sardauna of Gumel, adding that he  was a law abiding and discpline person, who has respect for his elders and  his followers.

His said, 'I am still the Sardauna of Gumel, the title which was conferred on me by the Emir of Gumel, Alhaji Ahmed  Sani, and my removal came as a surprised because I didn't commit any act of indiscpline or offence that has resulted to my removal. As far as I am concern, I am  still the Sardauna of Gumel.'