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Director of the Jonah Jang Campaign Organisation, (The Redemption Team), Mr. Danjuma Maina has said that the former deputy Senate president, Ibrahim Mantu, the first civilian governor of Plateau State, Chief Solomon Lar are back in the same Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) fold with Governor Jonah Jang.

This, according to Maina, confirmed the fact that their differences were only a brotherly disagreement in the party in the state and not personality clash. He said in an interview with journalists that Ibrahim Mantu and Chief Lar who were formerly in the aggrieved PDP 2 in Plateau State had accepted the court decision giving legacy to the State  Executive Council supported by the governor and were back the PDP fold unlike those who had taken the disagreement as personal and moved into other parties.

'The trio drove in the same vehicle to the Eagle Square, venue of the PDP presidential primary and even sat together at the occasion. This is to tell you that the feud is over; they are back together as one family of the PDP,' he said.

Maina maintained that having won the primary election, Governor Jang was set to win the governorship election because this time around, the citizens would not be relying on election promises but would go for action and Governor Jang had performed credibly for all to see and this would determine his fate at the poll.

He disagreed with those who said if the governor returned to the government house he would run over lands owned by none indigenes in the state in order to force them out of Plateau and would create more crises in the state, saying there was no government that wanted crises because no development couldtake place under such condition.

Moreover,  history of developed world has showed that it is foreigners that bring in capital to develop a place and that of Plateau would not be an exception. Governor Jang, he explained knows this and would not create a situation where investment would cease due to crises.

He was optimistic that the crises in the state would cease especially as concerted efforts are being made to solve the problem with the governor meeting with the various ethnic groups and the federal government working together with the state government  to find a lasting solution to the problems.