Nigerian film producer attributes lack of vision as the industry’s bane

Source: Afriqueavenir -

A Nigerian film producer, Mr Okechukwu Ogunjiofor, has listed lack of vision, planning and unnecessary greed as being the problems affecting the Nigerian movie industry.

Ogunjiofor, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Communicraft, told journalists on Wednesday in Lagos that lack of research was also responsible for the poor production of movies in Nigeria.

He said that movie producers in the country, who called the shots, lacked knowledge of the nitty-gritty of film production.

According to him, the producers are greedy and they put so little and want so much at once.

The prominent movie maker, who produced 'Living in Bondage, a successful movie, also identified piracy and poor marketing strategy as other major problems facing the industry.

“They will go and print their own copies and flood the market and tell you that your film is not moving,” Ogunjiofor said.

Ogunjiofor lamented a situation where movies flood the market without commensurate returns for the producer.

“Until we take the bull by the horn and make them realise the damage being done to the industry and put things right, we will still be where we are,” he said.

“It is when the professionals do their job, a marketer does his, the distributor does his, then things will begin to add up,” Ogunjiofor said, adding that if everybody played their part, things would be better.