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The news created feverish feeling in the movie industry. It cannot be true, why not, and so on are the reactions of so many people when they heard that the seemingly perfect marriage between star actress, Monalisa Chinda and showbiz hubby, Dejo Richards had collapsed over irreconciliable differences. The story has it that she has packed to her uncle's house at FESTAC, Lagos. We almost believed it too, but a phone call to the couple changed everything.

Dejo was furious at the reporter and immediately tore the reporter that wrote the story apart. 'My wife and I are still together' he says. 'The guy that wrote that story is on the payroll of Kelvin Luciano (CEO of Question Mark). My wife and I are still tight. I'll give the phone to my wife so that you can speak with her. There is no problem between me and my wife.

I have one of the best marriages in this industry; the write-up was a lie from the pit of hell. I'll make sure this is the last story the guy wrote about us. I am too angry over that. I am one of the artistes that have good marriages. He gave the phone to her and she was too angry to speak for a long time.

'I am speechless.' She said. When we asked about her uncle's house she raised her voice and asked us to tell her why she would pack to her uncle's house. 'For what? I went to do a job in FESTAC and my uncle lives there. Why would anybody say that? It is their marriage that will break in Jesus name.' We pressed further, asking if there was ever an argument over her return to movie location.

According to the story, the reason the couple broke up was that Dejo cautioned his wife about returning to work early after her delivery. 'There was no argument at all.' This should silence doubters who believed these showbiz' couple would go the way of Eddy Remedy and Kenny Saint Brown.

It will be recalled that the couple had their first baby after four years of waiting in February.