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The Idoma National Forum (INF) has called on Idoma people to adopt Senator David Mark as the sole candidate for Benue South Senatorial seat in the forth coming election. The group urged all those currently aspiring to contest the senatorial seat to step down for now in the interest of the Idoma nation.

Speaking to newsmen in an address entitled: 'The Idoma Nation: In search of a leader' recently, President of the Forum, Aju Ameh explained that the adoption of Senator David Mark would create the right avenue for the Senator to bring more dividends of democracy to Idomaland.

Pointing out that no political gain is achievable without a struggle and without one side giving some grounds and the other relinquishing some too, the Forum reiterated its belief that in the current dispensation, the Idoma people must first identify where the greatest benefits could accrue from and who could best achieve that.

'In staking for the senate position, we believe that if such staking is not to be seen as self-serving but for the development of our fatherland, then we must stand behind one of us who is already there and has already proven himself as worthy. There are many political stakes within Benue which are not being pursued such as the governorship. Such stakes have been almost impossible for us because of the absence of co-operation and unity.'

Aju noted that it would therefore be unreasonable and uncomprehending to think that any Idoma p son should compete for now for the senate seat when the holder has attained the highest position as senate president and the number three citizen in the entire country.

'The Forum believes the Idoma politician should also aspire for all other elective positions such as governor and speaker of the House and every Idoma person should support these ambitions. We must work for the betterment of our fatherland. We must all strive to subjugate our personal interest for the sake of Idomaland. Anything that would derail the project for the actualization of Apa State should be roundly condemned.'

Lamenting that in the past, the Forum had adopted the 'sit on the fence' attitude whereby it tried to placate each of the leaders to accept the position of cohesive effort for Idoma as his or her own agenda, Aju recalled that in 2007, INF even tried to persuade Idoma people not to accept the position of deputy governor, which was an affirmation of the Idoma always playing the second fiddle.

'The action failed because we have never really taken firm positions. It is trite to say that no group had ever succeeded without being affirmative in pursuit of its cause.'

He stated that the Forum would soon convene a stakeholders meeting in collaboration with Senator Mark on his return to the senate to articulate the Idoma position in Benue and Nigeria.