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NIGERIAN born, New York based rapper, Dr Pat had his growing popularity in Nigeria briefly interrupted when he had to move to the U.S. in 1999 to join his parents. Now he returns with the hope of blazing a new Hiphop trail for many Nigerian rappers to follow. He revealed to Trentainment that although the American market is more viable platform for his kind of music in terms of record sales and royalties, he needed to connect with his colleagues back home which led to his decision to relocate.

“No matter how good you are out there, you would never be respected until you are appreciated back home,” said Dr. Pat who is already collaborating with some Nigerian artistes on a couple of recording projects. He revealed that he will be collaborating with artistes like 9ice, Ragga Remy, Rymzo, Chaka Da Soulja and would also be a part of a mixtape compilation hosted by DJ Bombastic of Star FM.

Following his 2005 hit single Dreams which stamped an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene, Dr Pat's latest single Who am I, off the debut album of same title, is gradually being appreciated in the entertainment scene.

With the greatest musical influences from Majek Fashek, Bob Marley and Tupac, his lyrics tells of the harsh reality and poverty in the face of natural wealth, corrupt politics, survival, lack of opportunities unfulfilled dreams. His debut album Who Am I is scheduled for release in Nigeria in July 2008.