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Imo State-born Kingsley Osuagwu is a new arrival on Nigeria's hip hopmusic scene. The third in a family of four, the graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Enugu State University disclosed that his love for music dates back to his secondary school days. Popularly called Sly, Kingsley, whose debut album will hit the shelves soon told us that he studied Industrial physics in order to please his parents.

Love for music
It started when I was 16. Then I belonged to a group known as Mega Boys. We would go for shows and mime other people's songs. When I completed my secondary school, I came across friends who also loved music. Since we lived in the same place, we decided to do something for ourselves. That was how we came about the name Mega Boys. By then, we had started attending shows and people called us for performances on different occasions.

Along the line, we gained admission into the university, we had to split. It was just two of us remaining. We decided to rename our group BB2. That's Big Boys 2. Members of BB2 have also separated. Although we still do collaborations.

Going solo
My fans call me Sexy Sly. My name is Kingsley but the Sexy was given by one of my female friends. She felt that in most of my songs, I talk about sexy ladies, so why don't I go with the name Sexy Sly. That was how the name came about.

I have just one album containing eight tracks. One of the tracks is entitled 'I wish'. It's all about cultism in the universities. There is also Anaebi.' It was like I and my friends were celebrating. That was how I got the inspiration. The number happens to be the hit track although there are other songs.

My kind of music
I'm a Hip Hop artiste. I believe my venture into hip hop had to do with the people I was influenced by when I started playing music. They include, people like BDB, who are also hip hop artistes.

Instruments played
I play bass guitar and the Piano. I also play the flute, drums and some traditional instruments.

Giong back to my course
I studied, Industrial Physics. When I was growing up, my family members suspected that I was going to play music. You know that hardly would a father or mother, today encourage his child to study Music or Theatre Arts. They'd prefer that he or she study Medicine, Engineering or such courses. Actually, I didn't like the profession. It's music all the way because that's where I belong.

I believe every lady out there is my fan and they are the reason why I'm singing. If any girl wants to hang out with me, it's okay. I don't chase people away, but I prefer it remains at the level of friendship. No strings attached. I spend much of my time writing and trying to think out some things.

Nigerian music industry
It is growing. It's unlike those days when the industry was bedevilled with problems. If you wanted to record an album, you have all the instrument in the studios. This time around everything is computerized. With the pianos and the computers, you can get what you want and that makes the work easier and faster.

I'd love it if I can pick an Mtv Base awards for a start.