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Suit No/456/Sun
You were summoned on a double count charge of tits exposure and high slit infringement and found guilty, but appealed to a higher court. We're sure you'll get your

just dessert.
Suit No /245/Sun
Nabbed for exposing your 'booty' in public contrary to section 417 subsection24a of the style edicts. 'Baddest girl'.


Suit No/223/Sun
Arrested and prosecuted on the 5th of May for cleavage and bra recklessness. This offence is punishable under section 419 of cleavage and bra 1990 constitution. May the Lord

have mercy on you.

Suit No/589/Sun
You were indicted for mini and flimsy wears infringement which is contrary to section89 of the mini code. Turn a new leaf in 2011!


Suit No/399/Sun
You were arraigned for indecently exposing your mammary glands. This is punishable under the cleavage and morality codes of 1960 and customary style laws of the Federal

Republic of Nigeria. Our eyes are following you.

Suit No/666/Sun
On the 16th of January, you were declared a serial cleavage offender. Your case is still pending at the Supreme Style Court awaiting final verdict. Since it's not a bailable offence, this offender is

still in our custody. We'll move her to MFM after
the holidays.