By Alonge Michael
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In a bid to fulfill the obligation of providing adequate service to their esteemed customers, the exotic conventional nightclub of repute, Page Bar & Lounge, that has become a haven of relaxation for top celebrities in Lagos metropolis has closed down temporarily for renovation and would have been opened by the time you finish reading this piece.

Having considered customers' relation couple with value for money as things of importance, the formidable team of the watering hole led by the indefatigable Igbo big boy, Chris Erondu, thought of given the place a facelift hence the temporal closure.
Page Niteclub as it's usually called, ever since its operation about two years ago has been regarded as a dominant force in the area of patronage and unalloyed services.

You now may wonder why Page, which structurally stands out amongst its contemporaries in Ikeja axis has been able to surpass the existing big names in the business; an ardent lover of the pub explains “they believe in people and every customer here is treated like a king without bias or any form of prejudice. I must confess, this is why I like this place, I hardly go any where on weekends but Page, it's a tradition that must be obeyed.”

Talking about tradition, Page Nightclub conspicuously sited in Opebi area of Lagos, we gathered, is one of the few nightclubs in town which has been following the tradition of the business religiously. The purpose of attending a nightclub is to chill out, dance and make merry with friends, Page seems to be following this tradition as every desire needed for their customer is always in abundance- desire for fun, dance, dine, wine and, of course, beautiful damsels drawn from university campus in Lagos and its environ.

Change is the only thing that is constant in life, this is why the return of Page Nightclub is expected to add more value to their service as they are said to have just employed a chef whose culinary ability is something to beat in the food making sector.
So, ladies and gentlemen, avail yourself this opportunity as Page begins a marathon opening for its line of clienteles who enjoy the good things of life from 10am till dawn.