Road to Fame;I slept in hotel lobbies cos I couldn’t pay my bills— Julius Agwu

Julius Agwu
Julius Agwu
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In the next few days, petit musicomedian and Okombomusic exponent, Julius Agwu will sign the dotted lines with IB, his best friend of so many years.
Showtime celebrity caught up with him in the heat of the plans for the wedding which begins with a

Julius Agwucourt (it happened yesterday)activity followed with traditional ceremonies before the grand church affair. and he talked plenty including how he met his lovely wife.

How do you feel now that you are getting Married?

So this interview is about Marriage eh.
Well I think it's well overdue, so I feel excited and I can't wait to see it happen. Everybody thinks Julius is already married for sometime now, I feel excited and great.

Inspite of your height, do you still consider yourself a handsome man?

A handsome man! Yes, why do you think a lot of people admire me, height has nothing to do with being a handsome man.

How did you meet your wife?

It's a long story O!. I met her in Port Harcourt at a wedding which I was the master of ceremony (MC) and she was one of the members of the bridal train.

That was the first time I ever set my eyes on her and I couldn't take my eyes off her, she was attractive and very beautiful, she's still. We got talking but then she was a little girl and I just told her I had fallen in 'Like' with her from that day, it became a project to see her again.

What really attracted you to her?

Her carriage. The way she carried herself. She had a quiet disposition, then her beauty. When we got talking, I realized that it was not just physical beauty alone. She is intelligent. Beauty goes beyond the physical, it encompasses both inside and outside.

She has a beautiful heart as well.

Why did she accept to marry you?

E go better if you ask her ——o but I believe I'm a nice guy. Any other woman would have rushed to have me and I think it is the will of God.

Is she happy to have you or is it for your money and fame?

I don't think so, I wasn't this famous when I met her. Well you can ask her.

Is she comfortable with your job? How does she feel with your series of regular travels for shows?

She can't change her mind now, she already understands my kind of business. She is ready to go along with me and she trusts me. Once there is trust, other things will follow.

Were you given any conditions to marry her?

Well my in-laws are learned and they understand my profession. Apart from that they understand that it is their daughter's choice. I can't be given conditions, they know that this is what I do for a living.

How would you cope with the pressures that follow entertainers and their marriages? Hope this will not come like a flash

The truth is that this marriage has come a long way, we are just consummating it now. Our union is for better for best.

We are not even giving the devil the opportunity of putting for worst and we're building our union upon the Lord. It's not only entertainers that encounter broken homes. Any home that's not built upon the Lord will collapse, so God is in-charge.

What is the wedding arrangement?

I'm sorry, the wedding will take place in Port Harcourt, that is our home We were born and bred there. Our families are there, so any of our friends that really love us should follow us down to Port Harcourt

You must be very rich to have moved into a duplex, how comfortable are you?

That is not my measurement for wealth, I'm comfortable but that does not make me rich. The good thing is that I eat what I want to eat and do what I want to do. It is just that I had to move forward and that is exactly what I've done.

What plans do you have in place to better the lots of Niger Delta people?

Well I've been doing my part to make people understand that Niger Delta is not all about militancy. I've also been telling the youths the essence of making use of their talent and persuading them to study hard. I've equally been making them understand that there is the opportunity for everybody no matter what you've studied.

I'm trying to make people to understand that Niger Delta issue is not as bad as international media has been carrying it.

What led you into being a comedian?

Talent. The ability to make people laugh and be happy. The voice of God that called me, told me that it is my calling and I had to harness it. I realized early in life and developed it and this is where I am today.

Outside being a comedian, what other job do you do?

Generally, I'm an entertainment practitioner, I practice entertainment in all entirety not just comedy, I'm a Producer, Director, Dancer and Musician. I'm the CEO of Real Life Ltd. I have a Band and also a Music and Production Studio in my Office. We rent our Real Life band as well. We do entertainment consultation for organization and multinational when they need it.

As a child, did you ever imagined you will end up a comedian?

Yes, from childhood I realized that it is my calling and I'm happy to do it.

Are you fulfilled?

Yes, and I have not started yet.

When you first came to Lagos, what were the challenges?

It was a hell of experience but it was a wonderful one. I will ever remain grateful to people like Segun Arinze and Kate Effiong. Segun took me into his house, just like that even though we were not friends.

Before then, I was sleeping from one place to another. Some days I had to sleep in the reception of some hotels when I could no longer pay the bills. Today I'm happy and I give God all the glory.

What are the basic problems of a comedian?

Yes, problems and challenge come in everything you do. One of them is that people don't take you serious any time. A lot of people think that you are not human being; you don't have a temperament.

For instance some one can just walk up to you with a slap and expect that you don't react, because you are a comedian. Another one is that people calling you to come and do free M.C and shows for them saying you are their classmate.

There is still the problem of other people stealing your jokes even before you make use of them, and when you want to go to a show to make them, people will not laugh, because it is no longer new to them.

The last one is making yourself unique because there are so many comedians today so you need to remain outstanding.

How often do you get invitation to perform in a show, is it up to 3-6 months?

God forbid, it is not my portion in Jesus name, how (I wan do am) people invite me to perform everyday as MC etc. sometime they cannot afford my bill but for those who can afford it, I do the job for them.

We still have some personal relationship with people, so for such, we charge less depending on the relationship. There are cases where people will call and say they can't afford to pay me, I consider such cases. The joy of my profession is that I'm having fun and they still pay me.