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this is for those who have been on my neck wanting to know what is up with their favourite actress ms nnaji.it is to let them know that in the last few weeks,she has become ajala the traveller.olofofos confirm that she was recently out of nigeria for a while and her destination was london,,milan,paris.the actress was spotted in festac town on wednesday march 12,2008 in a movie set doing what she knows how to do best.this puts a full stop to those who have been wondering if genevieve still does movies or has gone undercover.the actress is still very active,but i hear whispers that she is very selective now about which scripts she collects.well the chioce of rejecting and accepting is hers but she should not starve her fans of seeing her in movies.our forefathers say''at allat all is a catastrophe''


an olofofo friend of the new lovebirds recently whispered to me that now since the lovebirds consumated their affair,the spark between them can compete with that of a high tension cable anyday.the olofofo aslo whisper that so in love are these two people that''michael flaunts isio as the best thing that ever happened to him,unlike his other relationships that were always under-gee.he is flaunting this one and there is a lot of bad belle accumulating already,especiallyas isio is the friend of the ex-girlfriend of the crooner''.i also hear whisperings that both have been spoiling each other silly with expensive gifts.irrespective of how they met,i actually like this couple and encourage this relationship(that is if they are honest and true to each other oh).sometimes one cannot predict when or how cupid will strike.i beg all the friends of this ex and the ex herself to forgive wanogho for allowing love blind her reasoning.afterall our grandmothers agree with the old saying that ''to err is human and to forgive is awesome''.these couple should flaunt each other all they like,nothing dey happen(they should go to third mainland birdge and hand out posters declaring their love for each other,it is nobodys business.my only concern is that this their hot attraction for each other does not burn out the love itself.!..the model was spotted at the check in counter of airfrance on thursday march 13,2008 and when the olofofo checked,she was on her way to europe.end of gist.(isio has since returned from her trip!)


it is no longer news that this comic actor popularly known as mr ibu recently became a musician.i am sure it is also no longer news that the actor now parades stomach big enough to house triplets.i recently saw his first attempt at singing titled'this girl'and i am proud to say that it was a good first attempt though bare of the x-factor,what i want to point out in addition is that i am about to recommend mr ibu to guiness book of records as the first person alive to sing non stop without comma or fullstop,he just kept singing and singing till the music ended.well i encourage him to try to focus and not become a jack of all trade,i also beg you to join me in begging this actor to do something fast about his potruding stomach which is not a pleaseant sight to behold,the simple truth is that he looks like a heavily pregnant man.no pun intended please.


This gist is so hot that it might burn this spot.olofofos confirm all the way from ghana of a light skinned actress in nollywood who recentlyvisited their country with a big bellied yoruba celebrity and after many rounds of sex,the actress was still starved and hired two ladies to give her what is referred to in the dictionary as'cunninlingus'.this procedure went on for hours non stop and after the ordeal,one of the ladies mouth was so bruised that she could hardly drink water.the satisfied actress has returned to nigeria and her lickers are nursing blisters on their lips.the actress is very pretty and her face is a 'star' to behold.i cannot give out more info on this topic for now.this actress will know she is the one when she reads this.she has face like an angel and has kids.she has a controversial name and has been romantically linked to lots of celebrity men.this actress has a groove that no one can take down.let me stop here as the details of this episode is too dirty to be flogged on this page.this memo is to that actress to take it easy with her sexual appetite before it destroys the pretentious role model image she has built around herself. her surname is compound.good luck in unravelling the puzzle.whatever name you arrive at is none of my business,i didnt mention any names .


light skinned talented rapper naeto has become a household name cheered by many,especially with his new slang'know the p''. also the young ladies see him as a potential bobo.this is to inform his fans and loyalists who may not know that the young man is the last child of former aviation minsiter dr kema chikwe.naeto has the support of family and friends and for him the sky is the limit as he soars high to leave his name on nigerians music scene.heres wishing him luck for every move that the makes.


hector joberteh gulder ultimate winner season3 was spotted by olofofos on thursday march 13,2008 on 3rd mainland bridge descending towards herbert macaulay way and the olofofo had this to say''heCTOR stopped a girl in a very scrappy looking car and caused aterrible holdup gisting with the girl for few ninutes,he ignored other car ownerswho honked impatiently behind him.when he was thorugh with gisting,h cruised offin his ford explorer with registration number GUS3''.please anyone who knows this man should alert him that he is representing a brand and should conduct himself properly next time,if he chooses to make conversation he can drive behind the person till they can park somewhere and gist.it takes common sense to make the right decisions,he should develope his as common sense is not up for sale!