Ebube Nwagbo
Ebube Nwagbo
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Ebube Nwagbo is one of Nollywood's fastest rising acts.
With well over 40 movies, including Good News, Royal Palace and Unknown Angel, Ebube is climbing the ladder fast! When Spectacles ran into her at a recent event, the actress opened up on some of the controversies that have trailed her since she became an actress.

Going down the memory lane, the Mass Communication graduate told Spectacles that acting was never really her dream. She said she never envied the glamorous stars that she saw on the television, neither did she imagine that she would one day be like them. She explained that she only got into movies by accident.

I went for an audition one day in 2003 and it was not as if I planned it. I never really set out to become an actress. I just decided to go for the audition,? she told Spectacles.

But that audition would change the focus of her life. She bagged the lead role in the movie and within the twinkling of an eye, she had become a sensation.

That audition was the last. I never had to go for another audition. I was invited for another movie and from then on, many other producers started giving me roles,? she said.

But her new found love didn't go down well with he parents.

I didn?t even tell my parents what I was going into.

I knew they weren't going to like it; so I had to do it behind them. It was not until the movie was released that they knew I was going into acting.

But now, they are comfortable with it and they are proud of me,? she said.

Now, Nwagbo is enjoying the life of an actress and the glamour that comes with it. But Ebube said the life style was not as rosy as it seemed. You can no longer do what you want to do. You are now like a public figure. You cannot sneeze without seeing somebody looking at you. You don't have control over your private life again. You now have a lot of people as your fans, she said.

Ebube said although she appreciated her fans, some of them could be a pain sometimes.

They do crazy things that could get you angry sometimes. It is not easy dealing with difficult fans most times,she said.

Ebube, however, does not remember the most annoying thing a fan has done to her.

I can't remember the craziest thing a fan has done right now. All I can say is that they can be annoying sometimes, she said.

Besides annoying fans, Ebube has to contend with bad publicity as well. In her short career, Ebube has quite a number of scandals trailing her.

Of course, it was all over that she had one or two things to do with Kanu Nwankwo's brother, Ogbonna.

It was also rumoured that the footballer dumped her for another girl since he couldn't cope with her alleged waywardness.

But the actress, who agreed she dated Ogbonna, said he didn't dump her.

We were dating; we had a relationship. But ours was just like any other relationship. However, the press did not give us any moment of rest. They married us and divorced us on the pages of newspapers and magazines.

People kept writing things that were both true and untrue about the relationship in the newspapers.

Ebube blamed journalists for the crash of the relationship.

Oh yes, I blame journalists. They kept writing about us. Everything about me became news to them. I guess that is the price you have to pay for being a star. It was just too much. Anyway, I have learnt my lessons.

But did the footballer dump her, Spectacles asked.

He did not dump me. We had a mutual agreement.

Nobody dumped the other. The relationship did not survive, she said.

Even as the relationship with the footballer hit the rocks, Ebube said she wasn?t going to be jealous or envious of the current girl in the guy's life.

Why should I be jealous of her? I was the one that allowed her to be there in the first place. Please, there is no need for me to be envious of any babe in his life. I have moved on, she said.

It was not as if I was flaunting my relationship with Ogbonna. We were just like every other couple. But as it is now, nobody is going to know anything about my private life again, she said.

And truly, Ebube refused to tell Spectacles who her current beau is.

I don't know if this is the final bus stop. But as it is right now, I want to believe I have reached my final bus stop. Let's leave it at that and watch as things unfold.

These days her colleagues are combining movies with music; Spectacles asked Ebube if she was going to join the trend.

Ha! I have joined the trend since. But I wasn't taking it serious before. I am ready to go professional now. I am a very creative person. It takes a creative mind to write creative songs,she said.

Many people say Ebube is arrogant. Is that true?

I know I can be arrogant at times. But it is not really my fault. In any case, there are times I try to be nice and some people still feel I am arrogant. What do you expect me to do at such times? All I know is that I try to live my life and be happy with myself and with people around me, she said.