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While the imbroglio that has been going on between the owner of a musical label called Alec's Music and the sensational artiste, Rhymzo ceased to end fresh facts now emerged.

When this reporter had a chat with Keffe over Rymzo alleged love making inside the vocal booth with the songster, Keffe, it was gathered that nothing of such ever happened between the two of them. According to a text message received on the first of March, 2008 , the anonymous person explained that a certain Ena Ofugara and Rhymzo connived to rob Alec's Music of some equipment and intellectual properties which were sold to Don Pedro Obaseki. And that this Ena Ofugara was once rusticated from the University of Benin for cultism a few years back.

“Ena is the brain behind the fight they are using you guys for. Alec gave him a room in his Gbemisola Street to stay when he was ignominiously suspended from UNIBEN for nefarious acts. But, while still remained a squatter, Ena went to bring in one Oris, this Oris is the one having amorous affair with the Bright Akpocha, Basket Mouth's sister both were rusticated for cultism in UNIBEN. Though, Alec knew this but he wanted to make better their lives by involving them in his business. But, obviously, it's what he now regrets as they virtually took advantage of him. They stole equipment from the studio and money even from Kefee too. Surprisingly, Kefee begged Alec not to send them away because they stole her things. She said they were like her sisters and brothers and she would forgive her brothers if they took anything from her. Eventually, Ena was sent out when he raped a housemaid of a neigbour brought from Osogbo in Osun State . Find out from people aroung Gbemisola Street , it was a celebrated issue. (This reporter did but no one commented about it at Gbemisola Street off Allen Avenue , Ikeja)

This Ena is working with Rhymzo against Alec that Rhymzo did not get what was expected to get from the sale of his musical effort. Before, Ena left, he promised to bring Alec Music down even his wife, Kefee would leave him when he's done with him. Kefee won't comment about this issue because Alec would not allow her drag herself into this issue...”

In the course of finding the truth of the matter, this reporter again went in search of the said Ena and he was cornered at a recording studio in Ikeja where he opened up on his involvement with Alec/Rhymzo's saga.


Remember we gave you a dose of the rancour that has been on-going in the household of the singing star, Kefee, who is married to the entrainment guru Alec.
In one of the reports, a guy named Ena Ofugara was indicted to have aided Rhymzo to fight Alec over some issues. Also, there are other allegations like a rape scandal, cultism and theft level on the Ena. But, it was late to file his side of the story last week, that's why we bring you the full detail now.

“I'm shocked to hear from you that someone indicted me to have raped a girl at Mojisola's Street. Look at me; I am too handsome to rape a girl, what would even make me do that in the first instance? Go to Mojisola today ask them if anything like that ever happened. I know who is behind all these things; it's no other person but Alec. I have not been part of the fracas between him and Rhymzo and I don't think I should be part of it when it does not concern me I any standard. But the way it's now, I think it's about time to open can of worms. What I'm about to tell you is the truth because, I was Alec's best man on his wedding day.

Even though, I who is alleging of theft and rape today borrowed him 100 thousand Naira few days before his wedding to sort out cakes and other things and that he wrote a letter, a copy which I still have till today with me, to my brother in London asking him to blend him 50 thousand Naira, has today become a rogue, I thank God for that. For the cultism, as a journalist, I believe you have access to information, go to University of Benin today ask if one Ena Ofugara was ever rusticated from the citadel of higher learning. I contested for presidency of the Students' Union in my final year before it was later dissolved on account that no final year student should be allowed to contest. Rustication is a very big word. I and Alec have come a long way, we went to the same secondary school and he was at the University of Benin for a Diploma which he didn't finish. What equipment and when did I steal it from his office? What's after the wedding?

What's name is the girl I alleged to have raped? Was there any Police report of the theft and rape? Let Alec name a witness who settled the case or matter. Dem no dey lie wickedly like that, I have said or done nothing against Alec, all I did was to testify before Copyright Commission as a witness of the musical contract between Rhymzo and Alec. If Ena is a cultist, I should have harmed Alec and his entire household. Kefee is an Urhobo like me and I will do nothing to kill her already dying career.

Alec shouldn't have done a song against Rhymzo, Rhymzo replied has not only killed him but is hurting him. Please help me tell him to tuck tail and promote the talented Dudu's song. Segun Obe signed a 2-album contract with him, how come Segun and Gordon left without the expiration of their contracts. Alce is broke to own a record label, if he says know, then let him show us the particulars of any car he ever bought, he has none.

If I have to open up on Alec, I am very sure that he would leave Nigeria and run to Togo, this is a guy that used to be a pastor, an ordained one like that. He was practically living in a church with Kefee who often slept with inside church.

They have been together for long, in fact, it was Kefee who told Alec that she was not going to be a gospel artiste and that if Alec is going for church thing, he should forget about her hands in marriage. I have a lot to divulge, but I will wait till I hear falsehood about me in the papers before I commence…”