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King Sunny Ade
King Sunny Ade
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CENTRAL Bank governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, may have incurred the wrath of the elders in the music industry with his on-going campaign against spraying of money at parties. The campaign which claims violation could land people in jail has become a source of worry, especially to musicians who depend on such spaying for survival. At the head of the protest against the new order is Otunba Sunday Adegeye a.k.a. King Sunny Ade, KSA, who stated that spraying is our way of life and part of our culture.

Addressing journalists in Lagos, the Ondo State-born musician said: “Spraying is part of our tradition and culture and it didn't start today. In the early days, our kings sprayed with cowries in a manner that depicted their status in the society. Although they didn't come out to do the spraying, the practice was to string the cowries and the messenger would then tie it round the head of the musician. And when cowries were no longer in use and coins came into being, spraying continued. Spraying is not bad but I'm against those who abuse the currency by either squeezing or trampling on it.”

Adegeye, who called on government to review the new law, pointed out that the excuse given by CBN that musicians trample on money while spraying goes on was not acceptable. His words: “Money sprayed at parties are usually done on the forehead as no musician would allow such money to fall to the ground for fear of people stealing them. We depend on this money for survival and if government is sincere about enforcing the new law, then they should look elsewhere as musicians are the best keepers of the currency. We like our money to look clean and crisp.”

KSA also shared his experience at the Glo sponsored CAF Awards where he performed alongside some prominent Franco-phone musicians. “Being a Glo ambassador, I was told I had been chosen as one of the musicians to perform the new anthem for CAF at the Togo held event. Naturally I was happy to have been chosen to fly my country's flag at such a glamorous event. On arrival in Lome, I met other musicians from South Africa and Togo and we were given copies of the new lyrics for the anthem. And that was when it dawned on me that I would have to rehearse part of the song which was written in French.

“I spent sleepless nights doing that. First, I had to work on my diction and pronunciation, then I spent an average of seven hours a day rehearsing with my band. And rehearsals as a matter of fact lasted till the eve of the awards night. “Although I didn't know the meaning of all the words I was stuffing into my head, I managed to do it right.” And on the night of the awards, KSA recounted how the audience reacted when he was called out to take his place on stage. “The audience gave me a standing ovation when I was called out and this really made me proud to be a Nigerian.”

Could he recite part of the lyrics to gentlemen of the press? “Ha, it's not possible. I have forgotten every word of the lyrics. Don't worry, next time we meet I promise to do just that”, he said. The top musician explained why he released simultaneously into the market his new album and video, pointing out that the activities of pirates prompted that.

“Four years ago when I released the cassette of my new work, I was still preparing to shoot a befitting video and compact disc when pirates decided to do that for me. I was shocked. And it was there and then that I decided that whenever I'm ready to release another album into the market, it must come complete with the CD and video.”
He also spoke on his venture into main stream gospel music, saying, “I wanted to do something new. At over 62 years of age, I needed to praise God and thank him for his mercies”.