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I am a graduate  of Medicine  from  University of Nigeria, Nsukka, a Veterinary  Doctor to be precise, I also hold a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Business  studies, Dublin Business School ; Post graduate Diploma Infectious Disease London School of Hygiene and Tropical  Medicines (LSHTM);  MSC Infectious  Disease, University of London; presently a research student of LSHTM with an interest in the control of HIV/AIDs, Malaria  and Tuberculosis.

One  of my reasons for aspiring for Orlu senatorial seat is for effective representation and meaningful  contribution on the floor of the Senate.  There has been an imbalance due to zoning system. In the course of the imbalance, one of the previous  senators made a comment that he does not need name or money. But as for me, I need  both name and money, because without a good name, gold has no value and station no dignity. For the fact, that I need name, I must work hard for money. I will  devote my salary to fight against Malaria and HIV/ AIDS in Orlu zone.

Vision and goal
If given  the mandate, my aim is  see to the full implementation of human rights to health and the attainment of the highest standard of health to every individual  irrespective of the financial background. I will move  a motion  for mandatory HIV/AIDs testing  for all political office holders, starting with the president  with the principle of  confidentiality still maintained.

In fact, I have just written  to the World Health  Organization (WHO) and the United  Nations on  how to  control HIV/ AIDs in sub-saharan Africa to which Nigeria belongs. The write-up which I tagged 'Ukagba Model  of  control' is targeted  to fight stigma which is the main problem of HIV/AIDs control and prevention.

Nigerian political holders are seen as role models by the entire citizenry. The benefits will be enormous. It will encourage Nigerians to go for a test. They will no longer feel shy or embarrassed  about going for HIV test and by so dong, Nigerians will know their  HIV status. If they are negative, they will be properly counselled on the best way to live their life, and if positive,  they will start taking treatment, and by so doing, they will prevent transmission to others.  Knowing  their status  will  also make them live long  and have the understanding that  being HIV positive is not a death sentence. In essence, that HIV becomes a silent disease which may result to death if not tested and treated. People shy away from the  test due to stigmatization . if stigma is fought to the minimal , the battle of HIV will be over.

Whatever  the zone   deserves in terms  of industrialization will definitely be promoted by me. But meanwhile, I will abide by the principle of prudence, affordability and  sustainability. I will  advocate for a cottage industry such as poultry, fish farming, snail farmi ng, skill acquisition through micro-finance system .By so doing, the people  will be helped  out and become  self employed.

Empowering the youth
To empower  women is to first and foremost fight gender inequality, because  women  bear most of the  grudges especially  disease and poverty.

For the  youth, they will be given their rightful position in the society .

For the  graduates among them , they will be employed  and in the  absence of employment, there should be some social  welfare  system where the government  provides  for them monthly  or weekly which will be one of the bill  to be passed in the house. When this is done, the rate of crime will be reduced.  Youths will no longer be involved  in  political  thuggery, kidnapping , prostitution  and other  social  vices.