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SHE's the woman of the moment. Star actress Iniobong Edo is the one the gods have summoned to step up as the most prominent leading lady in Nollywood today. Born on April 19, 1982, the Onna, Akwa Ibom indigene is a final year student of English and Literary Studies, University of Calabar who also has diploma in Theatre Arts.

In love with shoes, a relationship she gushes about with glee, she describes her style as simple and elegant - but many times rugged and casual...

What do you wear from Mondays to Fridays?

For my kind of job, I wear a lot of casuals. I do a lot of jeans, I do a lot of gypsy skirts. And for weekends, sometimes I put on natives.

How about parties. What do you normally wear to parties?

Party clothes. Sometimes I wear skimpy, sometimes I wear jeans, anything that looks like a party dress.

How about when you are going for special occasions like weddings, dinners, award ceremonies and so on?

If I'm going for a wedding, white wedding, sometimes I wear suits, sometimes I wear gowns. Then if I'm going for awards, I like to put on dresses like gowns, fitted clothes, sometimes lovely skirts. But they have to be very gorgeous.

How about when you are going to a niteclub, a night out with a friends?

I could do casual, I could wear a jacket and a jean or something cool.
Tell us about your shoes and bags collections.
Oh, I have lot of shoes. I just fall in love with shoes. I love shoes. I have lots of Mindwest, I have Prada shoes, I have so many good designer shoes and I also have some shoes that don't have names, but are nice.
Bags! I'm not really a bag freak. I just buy bags because I need to buy bags. But it's not something that really freaks me...