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For the fourth time, Sarah Jibril is giving Aso Rock a shot. After three unsuccessful attempts to clinch the coveted number one citizen's position of this country, this never-say-die woman is at it again. Her determination is infectious as it is encouraging to women folk who have been relegated to the background when it comes to the being at the helm of affairs in Nigeria.

Born in 1946 and from Patigi Local Government Area of Kwara State, this rugged woman who is also from a royal lineage believes that 2011 is time for women to claim their rightful position as leaders in Nigeria. She recently joined General Ibrahim Babangida and former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, in the rank of aspirants in the race for the presidential ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

She attended Queen Elizabeth Secondary school, Ilorin in 1961. From there, she moved to Dartford College of Education where she obtained a diploma form 1967-1970. In her bid to improve herself the more for the task ahead, she earned a B.SC in Education in USA and moved on to the University of Lagos where she bagged a degree in Guidance and counseling as well as Sociology of Education. She has held counseling positions at the Armed Forces Psychiatric Hospital, Lagos, lecturing positions at the School of Nursing, Makurdi, Advanced Teachers College kano-Physical and Health Education and so on.

With an impressive resume, this resolute mother of four who is also fluent in Hausa, Yoruba and Nupe languages will stop at nothing to change the status quo when it comes to leadership in Nigeria. She has written several books as well as delivered numerous lectures on numerous topics and also has special interest in Sports and Recreational Development, Character Development and Moral/Ethical Development. A woman of strength and passion, her failed attempts have not dampened her resolution to put smiles on then faces of Nigerians and to make women folk proud again in the face of intense opposition from the male folk.

Growing up, she loves sports and was a sprinter and games captain in high school. She is also an avid player of table tennis and a high jumper. Her indulgence in sports now is to coach young people and enjoy herself as well. Her love for ethics is glaring as she believes that ethics is the antidote to corruption and her unwavering belief in God gives her the strength to tread where men fear to tread regarding Nigerian politics. As an agent of change, her plans for Nigeria include restoration of lost values, provision of rescuer-leadership to refocus and raise the country from delayed development to steady wealth and rapid development. She believes that as a woman saddled with the responsibility of nurturing the character of the child, she would nurture Nigeria to greatness.

In her steadfastness, she won't pull out of the Peoples Democratic Party if she loses the primaries. Her plans include to remain focused and steadfast irrespective of what happens to her presidential ambition because she sees it as a battle between good and evil, mediocrity and excellence, criminality and discipline as well as an issue of consistency and endurance.