Jonathan & Yakowa: The Murdering of minority opportunities

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One thing is clear in the President Jonathan's and Governor Yakowa's declarations for the positions of President of Nigeria and Governor of Kaduna State respectively in the 2011 elections; the declarations have murdered minority rights as enshrined in the ruling  party's (PDP) constitution and would change many equations.

  Many positive minds had reasoned that should PDP continue to dominate the political scene of the country for a very long time to come, as envisaged, it would have been a better choice to allow rotation stay at all levels of governance - Federal, State, Local Government, Council/Ward constituencies. Once the majority takes a position, they would continue to rule for as long as Nigerian democracy permits. Whereas if the zoning or rotation had remained, in Nigeria context, it would have favoured the minorities because they would hold the hope that it would soon be their turn to produce the leader.   

  Definitely now with this broken cord, what would befall most of the incumbents of minority stocks, and given that the 2011 elections would be free, fair and peaceful with all votes counting; they should be packing their luggage out of office. Those in this category who are seen supporting the positions of Jonathan and Yakowa, nemesis is likely to be their albatross. A typical example is in Akwa Ibom State where it is obtained that the governor is from the Annang minority stock who, if the media should be the yardstick, is performing but still some Annang persons are not supporting him for the way he allegedly carried nepotism so far as style of governance in his administration.

  Again, how Jonathan would convince the North that PDP is not now a Southern party is yet to be seen: Four of the five topmost positions of the country (considering that PDP is the ruling party) are occupied by Southerners - President (the leader), PDP National Chairman, BoT Chairman and the Speaker who is a beneficiary of the now moribund zoning formulae.

Kenneth Dagogo,
Bukuru, Jos, Plateau State