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Mary Chika Romanus (popularly known as Mary Okolo before she got married), was a force to reckon with in Nollywood until recently when she relocated to Germany for more studies.

She acted in movies like Six Demons, My Sweetheart, Valentine's Day, Days of Reconciliation, The Ghost, and many more. Besides acting, Mary modelled for outfits like Glo. Her love for the make-believe world made her abandon school to pursue a career in acting. It was only recently she decided to go back to school.

Mary is now in Germany to pursue a study on cosmetology. On what informed her choice of course, she told Spectacles that she intended to make her family entertainment outfit a one-stop shop for artistes and models.

She got married to an artiste, and they both run an entertainment outfit where she is the executive director while the husband is the CEO.

She told Spectacles, “I am schooling in Germany right now. After the language aspect, I intend to start cosmetology. Our outfit is for those interested in art and I believe that my knowledge in cosmetics and all that will help me to manage whoever we have on our hands.”

Recently, the story was all over that the popular actress was arrested in far away United States over drugs. Not only that, it was alleged that she was married to a drug baron. But Mary told Spectacles this week in Lagos that she found it difficult to stomach the story like others that were previously peddled about her. She said she had to leave what she was doing in Germany for Nigeria because of the numerous calls she received over the matter.

“The story is so annoying, because I have never been to the US all my life. So, how could I have been arrested at the JFK Airport? I have never been incarcerated in a police cell, nor have I been tried over any case in Nigeria, let alone apprehended in a foreign land over drugs. The story went further to say that I was first apprehended at the Murtala Mohammed Airport by an NDLEA agent who was said to have been swayed by my status, and so allowed me to go free; only to get to the US and be nabbed.

“You would think the peddlers of the rumour were done. But no, my husband was described as a drug baron. He is Chika Romanus, an international businessman who deals in automobiles in Europe. He is also a musician of note. So, you can see how people can be destroyed by falsehood. The peddlers of the story have reached out to me and we have settled everything. But for God's sake, they should have clarified whatever they heard about me with the AGN (Actors Guild of Nigeria) if they did not know my whereabouts. Like I told you, I am in Germany, trying to acquire more knowledge.”

Mary agreed that the rumour might have gained ground because of the break she took off acting and her relocation abroad.

She shed more light on her family, saying, “I am married and I have a very beautiful son for my husband. We have a company which we are working on day and night to make a success. That is part of what informed my going back to school.”

Mary does not share the view that actresses don't care much about being married.

She told Spectacles, “You need to know where I am coming from – that is, my home. My parents cherish marriage and a good home. I did not have to waste much time after I met my husband. Apart from that, I think every woman should desire to settle down one day in their matrimonial homes, and I don't see how that would constitute an impediment to whatever I want to do in life. My husband is loving and very creative. I must have been attracted to him by my simplicity and innocence. We started like a joke, and here we are today with our very handsome son”

Mary's acting career was inspired by her love for drama. No wonder that immediately, she got her parents' nod, she embrace the career along with modelling. She told Spectacles she had been lucky to have directors who liked her and were ever willing to assist her.

“You see, this issue of director and actresses having an affair depends on how the actress portrays herself. I think I have been very lucky with those I have worked with so far,” she added.