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Over the years and centuries God gave humanity men of service. Their lives were not flamboyant and their services spanned beyond their sojourn on planet earth. They were driven by selfless service, service that is enduring - albeit for the general good. They sacrificed time, money, comfort and pleasure to achieve their set targets.

The driving force was not money or fame, but to help humanity advance God's creation. That was why he created man in his own image and likeness.

When God created the universe, he said, ' let there be light and there was light'. The void nature of the universe ceased to exist. There was day and there was night. Animals were created and man gave them names thereby advancing the work of creation. Man out of his God – given ingenuity formed implements to help him conquer nature.

When man fell out of God's favour, God sent his son to atone for the lapse of man. He did this not without service and sacrifice - I mean supreme sacrifice. The man God created continued in advancing the work and course of creation. Thomas Edison invented electricity to dispel darkness. The Wright brothers invented the Aeroplane to fast track traveling. In contemporary times the computer wizard Bill Gate added his own dimension to ease communication thereby making the world a global village.

What I am trying to highlight in essence is that there can never be service without sacrifice - I mean quality service, which is lacking in our country because of greed and lack of TRUTH. Mentioning service and sacrifice we have seen Americans; we have seen Europeans and in Asia I make bold to mention Mahatma Ghandi, an Apostle of service and simplicity.

Coming to Africa, I see Julius Nwalimo Nyerere and lastly I see the icon of service, sacrifice, suffering and forgiveness - Nelson Mandela. Coming to my country Nigeria I have not seen oneness; I have not seen service; I have not seen sacrifice. Looking on the surface I have seen greed; I have seen corruption; I have seen unbriddled ambition for power, power to amass wealth. One spectacle comes to mind - the Obama phenomenon. He is conscious of his root. He does not want to fail America; he does not want to fail Africa his root.

When he was campaigning, he looked very young, flamboyant and appealing, but since he took office, the burden of service fell on him, he started graying and his flamboyance disappeared because of the thought he is putting into governance - this is sacrifice. Visit our senate and House of Representatives, service is lacking. Truth is lacking. The law as it affects them is more important than as it affects 140,000,000 Nigerians. Freedom of information Bill is for our good and for their bad, why must it be passed? These pretenders definitely have a date with us. There necks were lean when they propped themselves to office, but now their necks have been fattened.

They are not interested in advancing the course of history rather they busy themselves updating their salaries and allowances. The king of highlife Chief Osita Osadebe of blessed memory in one of his lyrics sang thus - 'if your salary is not enough for you, is it your over time that will be okay?' Salary is normally higher than overtime.

Paradoxically, in Nigerian Legislative chambers their allowance is sixteen times higher than their salaries. They equally award contracts to themselves. This is unfair in a country that is groping in poverty and lack of infrastructure. The effort on electricity is like a small plaster on a gaping wound. We are now groping in national darkness. The one eyed man with blurred vision has shut the one eye, who knows if there would be a spark of light by the time he opens it. Thomas Edison did not spend a lifetime to invent electricity, but Nigerian leaders want to spend a period more than a normal life span to give us light. Pathetic!

I expect Nigerians to stand up, stand at attention in resolute resolve to say no to that unnecessary Golden jubilee celebration of waste; say no to inept leadership; say no to negative face of service. Let us shout yes to National Reformation by effective Re-orientation and positive enforcement of good tenets in our national life.

I will like to end this article on a note of positivism of hope. I have a PANACEA to mitigate this menace if our authorities are willing to have our police and roads sanitized. The God that created the rest countries also created Nigeria.

The second face of service thinks less, rests more, acquires more and gives nothing in return - this is selfish and this is our experience in Nigeria.

This culture of impunity must stop.
God bless Nigeria.
Chike Emefie