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His film, "The Return" is touted to have won the highest awards in Nigeria 's Nollywwod history. In this brief chat, Kingsley whose current film, Across the Niger, is being viewed across the world as Nigeria 's best Nollwood effort bared his mind on how he started. You are a very hot producer, how did it all start? I am from a very unique background. A quick look at the Ogoro family will tell you that we all have creative talents. But my parents were focused and disciplined.

I grew up with this talents and I knew I could do anything musically, but my parents will not allow it. I tried to do my own thing but they said no way, until I go to school. They forced me to go to school even though I could play the piano and make music easily. So I learnt through the ranks and ended up at the University of Sokoto where I studied Banking and Finance. How was growing up like? I was too creative. I participated in the John Player dancing competition of those days. I was just creating my own thing until people like Stella Omu convinced me to go to school. In order to keep me out of showbiz craze, I was sent to far away Sokoto. How about the Klink studio? I have always been a good learner particularly how music is made. I have so much love in making music. So by 1988, I was already a hit producer when I brought out Blackky with the hit Rosey.

took on Esse Agesse and the hit Bendel girl in Lagos took everybody by surprise. I went on and on until I started getting bored in doing the same thing because I like challenges. But you were doing something you loved? Of course yes. I am an adventurer and because I want to keep creating, I don't want to stay in one spot for too long. I was getting bored with audio production, so I knew I had to go into more challenging areas. I did my first hit music video for Blackky.

The whole musical scene went haywire with the production of 'Blackky Skank' . I did not stop at video. I discovered that co-operate commercials have sweet ads, I went to capture the tricks by using, the Klink studios. And from there, I went on to shoot my first film called The Return.

I was preparing myself for the struggle, so I went to old masters like Lade Ladebo to advise me on that terrain and he told me to make sure I shoot well. We were shooting The Return initially on celluloid but we ran out of cash, so we suspended the shooting. But you later completed it? Of course yes. But not on celluloid. With the help of my creative friends like Sam Okposo, Segun Arinze and others I was able to find my way out. I shot ' Battle of Love' in 2002 and later the hugely accepted 'Prostitute'. In fact, It won an award on the best picture from the film. Then I went back to complete the work of 'The Return' and it became an instant hit. It won 17 nominees and won 11 awards. It became Nigerian must awarded home video ever. Then as I was getting bored, I craved for more challenges. So I consulted my guys again. Segun Arinze, Sam Okposo, Opa William and Nkem Owoh were gotten and we went to London to shoot, 'Osuofia in London' .

Though I had a chaotic shooting but I managed to pull through. Then the touching film 'The Widow' , which I have to do after watching my friend, Agatha Amata's programme Inside -Out. As a matter of fact, when we were shooting The Widow , the lead act, Stella Damascus lost her husband, so we had to suspend shooting. When we came back, she asked us to add her own live experience into the story and we all agreed. That film is a show stopper. What about Across the Niger ? Incidentally, the making of the films Across the Niger had been on before all these other ones. I have a style. I keep making and I could stop somewhere to think or add something new. The fact is that the shooting of the film Across the Niger is not meant for commercial purposes. It is a unique film. It was shot to correct most of the disunity in the country.

Obasanjo was so impressed with the film. He recommended it for all Nigerians. We shot that film to show the world that Nollywood has arrived. Even CNN reviewed it. Don't you think you have abandoned music for other things? Never. I still play my piano. We still run the Kinsley Ogoro music label and we are waxing stronger. The fact is that, my music life and production is not to make money. It is not set up because of commercial venture. All we do is to discover a talented singer, record him and push him to the world. And that is what we have been doing. How do you relax? I have tried it many times and it didn't work. To me as I am working, I am relaxing. I am always working. It is huge part of me.

What inspires you? In anything I do or achieve in life, I will ask God to be my guide and lead me. My inspiration starts from here. I have also gotten inspired by my seniors. People like Tuned Keanu and Laid Ladino. Are you a fulfilled person? Well, every single thing I have done, God has seen me through. I have always had the innate ability to come out tops. But there is only one area; I think that I am not fulfilled. It is the domestic angle of my life. I pray that God will give me the wisdom and ability which I used to achieved in other areas, so that I can make a success of my domestic life.