Nigeria - 50 years of anniversary
The Golden Jubilee Year is a significant milestone in the life of any nation. To make it very memorable, Ryt Concepts is putting together these events to keep the landmark milestone relevant and memorable long after the last candle light of the celebrations goes out.

It is obvious that a nation can only celebrate Golden Jubilee once in the evolution of our nation's history, Consequently it behooves on all citizens both individual and corporate to not only symbolically identify with this event, but to also add color without losing the serious significance that this milestone connotes about the future, such that will make the memories thereafter enduring as we get set for another phase in our dear nations history.

the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Anniversary should remind all about their past accomplishments, worthy of acknowledgement, and deserving of recognition as well as an opportunity to look forward to hopes that will replace despair.

The journey into Nigeria future starts after the last candle of anniversary goes out, it behooves on all to start thinking of a clear road map into our desired glorious future.

Shared optimism is a necessity in journey to matured nationhood. The age of a nation symbolizes maturity, strength and security in a successful recognition of the Golden Anniversary should be as much about recognizing accomplishments, as well as looking forward, with hope in place of despair

As parts of activities marking the golden jubilee anniversary of the federal republic of Nigeria, ryt concept, one of the foremost event's organizers in the country is putting together an event to commemorate the anniversary in Ghana. With over 600,000 Nigerian nationals in Ghana, the event comes as a welcome piece for many of the Nigerians resident in Ghana.

Many Nigerians including some high profile Nigerians personalities have their west African neighboring country, Ghana as their second abode, particularly to due to the relative resemblance between the peoples of the two countries.

Though the two countries might not be the closest in terms of geography, there is no doubt that Nigerian and Ghana share several similarity in terms of their political, cultural and socio economic landscape.

Many of the Nigerian nationals domiciled in Ghana have however made conditions difficult for the many genuine and good Nigerian nationals due to the incessant involvelment in fraud and other criminal acts.

After almost fifty years since achieving independence like their counterparts, one of the cancass that has bedeviled the most populous nation in African has been its bad reputation resulting from the above mentioned challenges.

Many Nigerian businesses or individuals willing to establish in Ghana have as result suffered in diverse ways.

It is partly as the result of some of this challenges that the Event dubbed Nigerian Golden Jubilee Anniversary in Ghana under the theme 'BUILDING A CLEAR ROAD MAP INTO THE GLORIOUS FUTURE is being organized.

The daylong event which comes off on October 2nd is expected will incorporate both intellectual, where renowned personalities will deliver short lectures to many of the Nigerian youths in Ghana towards a new beginning for Nigerian and Africa as a whole, plus and a fun packed entertainment for both the young and old.

Thanks to RYT CONCEPT, the event organizers, admission to the event ground which is the A&C Shopping is free, and Patrons will have the opportunity to be part of the once in the lifetime of a nation in celebrating the golden jubilee, while having the opportunity to enjoy typical home made Nigerian dishes with good music.

Talking of good music, the event wouldn't 'pass' without an after party at the newly fitted poolside of the A&C Mall till the next morning. Watch out for surprise artistes on the day