PDP and its Stealth Candidates

Source: huhuonline.com

First of all, I apologize for even talking about the poison called PDP. I do so in observation of a sitting PDP president declaring for reelection without as much as mentioning the party by name or even in inference.

But, Goodluck Jonathan is not the only PDP candidate to trying to run away from the party and clinging to it at the same time. Like a meeting an ashewo "the morning after", he also will not be the last to try to deny the amourous relationship he's had with the party that has single-handedly tried to destroy a country, all within a decade :-)

I first noticed this when a young chap running for a House of Reps candidacy showed up at the Chicago local chapter of Ekiti associations. He waxed eloquent about what he would do "when" he got to Abuja. Yes, he was that sure he would get there. That was what made me ask the question PDP aspirants are avoiding, yet cannot afford to escape - at least so they think. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to run under the banner of PDP without mentioning the party by name - unless prodded.

Another case in point. A young fella who had been a very prominent pro-PDP member of the incessant ACN-PDP imbroglio in Ekiti declared his candidacy for the State House of Assembly. He erroneously promised a lot of things that constitutionally belong in the executive arena. But that was not the most noticeable thing about the announcement. What was loudest was what tried not to say: "I am a PDP aspirant for the HOA".

One more and then I will let this go. A "friend" also cornered me at a pepper-soup joint in Chicago and with much flourish proclaimed he was definitely going to unseat the PDP governor of his state of Bayelsa. Of course, I decided to grill him on his agenda and beliefs. So we talked some more. Then it dawned on me that he never once mentioned the party platform he was running on.

He almost apologetically declared that it was Pin Din Pin.

What all these and many have in common is, they would like to ride the perceived coat-tail of PDP, while deep inside, they know something is wrong. They would like to deny it as much as possible too.

So, don't fault Jonathan Goodluck. Would you declare in public that you had anything to do with this bunch of ruffians who coagulated under PDP?

Which is actually the main reason I cannot endorse or vote for Goodluck, apart from not having any discernible achievement in Bayelsa or Abuja? If he is so sure that PDP is not something you admit in public, what is he doing there? Whatever happened to principle? Why hang around a bunch of thugs and then hide your association when it matters the most. "Show me your friends", they say. If Jonathan would play this one-leg-in, one-leg-out with PDP, he is not going to garner any respect. Not from within PDP and definitely not from outside PDP.

Same with the other "Stealth candidates". Get out or proudly stay in - and start your campaign speeches with "I am a PDPer". It is a dare. If they won't do it, maybe we can help them.

Jonathan is PDP. PDP is Jonathan. 'Nough said.
  Rotimi Ogunsuyi
Chicago, IL __._,_.___