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Hip hop music act and member of the defunct Remedies group, Edward Ashiedu-Brown, popularly known as Eddy Remedy, has said that the chief executive officer of Kennis Music, Kenny Ogungbe, is a cheat.

In an interview with Entertainment Cafe, Eddy said that he would have been more successful as an artiste if not for the poor promotion and marketing of his works on Kennis Music label.

“If you have 15 artistes and out of those 15, you are only promoting one or two, that means you are not doing well. Although I'm not supposed to speak on behalf of other artistes, a lot of them are not happy because the company is not giving them the required attention. If I am to rate Kennis Music so far, I will only give it 35 per cent,” he stated.

Speaking on the royalties he got from the company, Eddy said: “I did not say that I was not paid royalties but what I said was that it was nothing to write home about and it would not have been so if they had marketed my works very well.”

On his crashed marriage with Ogungbe's younger sister, Kenny Saint Brown, Eddy explained that it was his in-laws that crashed the marriage.

“I think the problem is that the Ogungbes did not allow me to control my home. Kenny Ogungbe can be my boss in business, but when it comes to my family matters, I don't think he has any right to dictate to me the way I run my home. My marriage crashed because my wife listened to what her family members were telling her.”

Meanwhile, Eddy, who is currently working on his new album, told Entertainment Cafe that he is not thinking of reconciling with her now. "All I am thinking of is to take care of my two kids and face my music squarely."

—Bayo Adetu and Olatunji Saliu