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The acting in African movies until recently was almost like an affaire reserve for Nigerians and Ghanaians, just to name a few. But Cameroonian Lady Kate Atabong Njeuma has changed things with the production "Dream Kweens." Set in Atlanta, Georgia, this movie is ready to make its world debut in August when screening starts.

"Dream Kweens" tells the story of a young Cameroonian immigrant invited to America by a family that promises to help her through university. When she gets to America, however, she finds out her family cannot afford her education. The disappointment leads her to the path of chasing her childhood dream of becoming a model, a career that is culturally unacceptable. Challenged on all fronts, she is determined to succeed. The movie is a story of struggle, cultural bias, passion and the sweetness of success.

Dream Kweens" is very African with actors from six different African countries: Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, Benin, Gambia and Kenya; however, the movie is very Cameroonian as 70 percent of the actors are Cameroonians. The main character, Jamillah, is played by Congolese artist Soleil Diva. The bodyguard is played by Nollywood actor Robert Peters from Nigeria. Other lead roles are played by Sammy Ngalame, Herman Mbiki, Louise Nunga, Becky Eko Samuel, Lady Kate Njeuma and Nabillah Ndansi -- all Cameroonians. Director Ebeny Amstrong is a well-established cinematographer in Georgia.

Shrine Motion Pictures is a subsidiary of the Shrine of Africa Inc., an Atlanta-based business and entertainment network and the brainchild of the dynamic Njeuma, whose mission is to promote Africa and most especially Cameroon through film and more. Lady Kate, as she is best known, is fast becoming a household name within the film industry and beyond. Her vision for Shrine Motion Pictures includes grooming and cultivating new talent while working with experienced actors and artists.

Universal appeal is the guiding factor for the Shrine of Africa, which is determined to work with actors and aspiring actors from across Africa and the world. Future projects, according to Shrine's press officer for Cameroon, include film production in Cameroon and elsewhere in Africa. Part two of 'Dream Kweens' will be shot in Cameroon within the next six months.

The movie's red carpet premiere will take place at 9:30 p.m. on Aug. 11 at the Elegance Lounge in Decatur, Ga. A second premiere is scheduled for 10 p.m. on Aug. 17 at Queens International VIP Lounge in Norcross, Ga.