Daniel Regha Rates Dizzy's New Album

By Oluwarantimi Oludase
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Nigerian singer, rapper and songwriter, Daniel Tuotamuno Darius, best known as DanDizzy, has released his new album “UGLY (U Gatts Love Yourself)

Following the release of the singer's album, social media critic and tormentor, Daniel Regha, who is well known for giving his views and ratings on new songs has once again rated DanDizzy’s new album.

Daniel Regha took to X to give his review on the singer's new album, he tweeted;

“DanDizzy's new album "UGLY (U Gatts Love Yourself)" gets applause for originality; The producer(s) did an impressive job, but DanDizzy failed to push his pen in most songs like he did in the track "Hold God", which is a great song. The album seem to contain fillers. In the track "E Pain Me" the background talks were unnecessary & so was the gunshots inclusion. Furthermore, referencing Marlians in "Loosegauard" was insensitive considering all that has happened, same goes with referencing Jesus. A few songs were also sexualized too, like "Fornication and Adultery". That said, best tracks off the album are "Hold God", & "Money Talks". It's a close 5/10. No offense."