Seun Sean Jimoh Surprised At Scarcity Of Food In Nigeria

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular American-based Nigerian actor Seun Sean Jimoh has shared his view on the current scarcity of food in Nigeria.

The American-based Nigerian actor made this known on his Instagram handle. He believes that there should be no reason for the scarcity of food in Nigeria.

The actor has never hidden his view on the economic issue in Nigeria. The actor is concerned with the economic turmoil in Nigeria and has shared a piece of his mind to the government. He advised a state of emergency on food production as the next line of action for the government.

He further emphasized that scarcity of food should not be affecting Nigeria economy currently as the country is not faced with war or land issues.

The actor wrote; “Dear Nigerian government, it’s time to declare a state of emergency on food production! The only time there should be famine in the land is if war or if there is no arable land!! There is no reason why food should be scarce in Nigeria Revive CRIN ( cocoa research institute ) what’s the point of UNAAB ( university of Agriculture Abeokuta ) declare a state of emergency on food production and insecurity now? Make it a priority to feed the people! Create incentives for any group or institution that takes farming and food production seriously, expand the agricultural curriculum in places of tertiary learning and revert back to making Nigeria an agricultural nation !!! These things are priorities !!!!!”