Shallipopi Admits Faithfulness In His Relationship

By Oluwarantimi Oludase
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Nigerian singer, Crown Uzama, best known as Shallipopi was recently on a podcast with British-Nigerian personality, Madam Joyce, where he declared his faithfulness in relationships.

The singer disclosed that he has never been in multiple relationships at the same time and he always sticks to one woman. He emphasized it by revealing that he has never cheated on any woman whether in the past or present.

He said; “I have never been in a polygamous relationship. I stick to one woman if I am in a relationship. I can’t double date because you can get exposed easily. If you have a girlfriend, you love your girlfriend, and you cheat, you will definitely be caught.

I don’t cheat because I will be caught. It’s not as if I’m easily caught. You can act smart and cheat, but you know that you are lying to yourself. I have never cheated before. You can never catch me cheating. I have never done it.”