Shallipopi Reveals Story Behind His Stage Name

By Oluwarantimi Oludase
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Fast rising Nigerian singer, Crown Uzama, best known as shallipopi has disclosed how he came about his stage name.

The Nigerian singer, who was a guest at the ‘Cocktails and Takeaways’ Podcast. The singer revealed the struggle he faced before he could come up with his stage name. He said; “I was looking for name. I needed a name and I checked this one and checked that one, it didn't work. I even tried my own name. But if I tell people my government name, they won't feel it like that. My name is Crown, so I needed another name. I used to go by Drip Face, and I used to change my names anyhow, so I had many names.”

Shallipopi further recounted the story behind his stage name ‘ Shallipopi’. He said; “When we were little, we had this DVD that our parents bought for us. Back then, there were some cassettes that when you bought it, you wouldn't see the movie on the case. You'd see a different movie inside. There was one that my mother bought, it was a cartoon, but when we played it, it was a different movie called Shaolin Popey. It was an old Korean or Karate, Kung Fu movie.”

Finally, the singer said; “At the time I was looking for names, so I searched the movie on Google, and it saved me. So I decided to take the first S.H.A and the L.I and POPI. That's the real story.”