Sabinus Given Funny Conditions By Actress, Sharon Ooja

By Oluwarantimi OludaseĀ 

Popular Nigerian comedian, Chukwuemeka Ejekiru, best known as Sabinus was recently hosted on a dating show by Popular Nigerian actor, Lege Miami.

Sabinus was asked series of questions by Lege Miami which included his age and location, however, Sabinus was not interested in answering any of those as he disclosed his interest in Nigerian actress, Sharon Ooja.

However, after the dating show in which Sabinus declared his admiration for the actress. Sharon Ooja was also invited to the show by Lege Miami where she made strict and funny conditions for Sabinus to meet in order for her to take him serious. She also claimed that even if the comedian met those conditions, it was not still a chance that she would accept his proposal.

The funny condition the actress gave was that Sabinus should dangle on a billboard. This condition shocked both Sabinus and Lege Miami as they are wondering what kind of dangerous condition is the actress requesting for.

Many Netizens have reacted to the actress's condition as some believe that the comedian should not even be present on Lege Miami’s dating show, others laughed at her conditions as they believed that Sabinus could not comprehend the English.