Drama On Movie Set As Actress Rejects Role To Kiss Jigan 

By Agboola Ibrahim

Misunderstanding unfolded in a recent Nollywood movie set between actress Damilola and her Colleague, Jigan on a matter bordering on withdrawal of role.

A video has been making the rounds on social media of Nollywood and it captured a movie set scene where there were couple of other actors and movie directors.

In the video, the atmosphere looks disturbed as quarrel ensued following actress Damilola rejection to Jigan Babaoja.

In the recorded video, Jigan created a scene during the movie shoot after the actress utterly rejected her role where she has to kiss him. Jigan who was expecting a deep kiss felt dejected for being rejected by her colleague.

On the other hand, Damilola Oni expressed disappointed because she did not know fully well that Jigan particular was going to be the actor she would kiss. She had only envisaged top actors like Odunlade Adekola.

She added she just shot 2 scenes and the acclaimed name to k!ss in the script given to her is named Odun and by extension was expecting Odunlade Adekola even though she is yet to agree.

However, the matter created altercation as Jigan Babaoja expressed his unhappiness as he rolls on the floor demanding for the actress Damilola Oni to k!ss him.

He was also seen trying to drag himself on her but the actress refused as she insists on punching him if he tries to k!ss her.

Captioning the video on her page, Damilola Oni wrote; “I CANNOT AND I WILL NOT KISS YOU! 🙄🙄🙄.”