Squid Game Season 2: Actor Lee Jung-jae Requests over $1 million Per Episode

By Agboola Ibrahim

Squid Game, one of the most anticipated Korean movies is set to start the season 2 by July, 2023. Following this, it has been reported that Actor Lee Jung-Jae, one of the key casts, demanded for the whooping sum of $1million per Episode.

According to Dispatch, as there is going to be the inclusion of news casts, actors in the previous season like Lee Jung-Jae, Wi Ha-joon, Gong Yoo, Lee Byung-Hun and a host of others will continue their roles.

The staggering request of $1million by Actor Lee Jung has got social media buzzing as varieties of people felt astounded.

Dispatch stated, "Netflix cannot afford to overlook Lee Jung Jae's request," and emphasized, "Lee Jung Jae asked Netflix seeking a substantial guarantee of over 1 million dollars per episode, which means his appearance fees will amount to a staggering total of over 13 million dollars (given the 13 episodes)."