Reactions As An American Wife Kneels To Serve Her Nigerian Husband A Meal

By Agboola Ibrahim

An American woman has subscribed the attention of many social media users after she served her Nigerian husband a meal in an African-style.

The white woman in the the video showcased the spirit of Nigerianess. She prepared one of the Nigerian stodgy meals in the native delicacies. The soup was typically a Nigerian one. The kind of soup that is accompanied with a slimy "Ewedu".

In the trending video the way the white woman caries a tray containing a plate of a Nigerian soup and a ‘swallow’ dish to her husband in the sitting room has captured the major attention. This was so because it is not in the European tradition to treat their husband such way.

Most significantly, She knelt down to present the meal before him and gave him a bowl of water to wash his hands before he dug into the food.

The American woman accompanied the video with the caption; “Serving dinner to my king”.

Reactions following the video read below
@bigstan.e: Hope this continues and not for the sake of the video.

@payday.sure wrote, “Una dey use marriage do content creation now, Gen Z parents.”

@payday.sure wrote, “Una dey use marriage do content creation now, Gen Z parents.”

@qlinksstore1: “Western women can never be this respectful….they are always right and trying to compete with men”

@avrancecorp_developments: This is extra. I do not want a woman kneeling down to me like a slave.