Broda Shaggi And Tobi Bakre Walk Out Of Movie Set, Claim They Are AMVCA Nominees

By Agboola Ibrahim

An online video featuring Nigerian actors Tobi Bakre, Broda Shaggi, and a movie director on a movie set has surfaced, generating various reactions from internet users.

The video depicts Broda Shaggi and Tobi Bakre expressing their frustration towards the movie director for the poor reception they received at the movie location. They were seen exchanging words with the director for keeping them waiting for an extended period of time.

Broda Shaggi complained about being given Nigerian Jollof instead of Ghanaian Jollof with no meat inside, whereas Tobi Bakre stated that he didn't receive his preferred meal at the location.

Both actors aired their grievances to the director, highlighting their achievements in the entertainment industry, including being nominated for the 2023 AMVCA awards. Broda Shaggi won the Best actor in comedy for "Inside Life" and "Survivors," while Tobi Bakre won the Best actor in Drama for "Brotherhood."

After boasting in front of the director, the actors left the movie location and headed to their next destination.