Monalisa "I Lick My Bfriend's Armpit And He Goes Down On Me During Period"

By Agboola Ibrahim

A Nigerian lady identified as Monalisa Stephen has disclosed the horrible sexual style that happens between her boyfriend and her.

Monalisa joined a talk-show interview with other personalities. She was a guest on the Honest Bunch Podcast hosted by media personality Nedu Wazobia. The subject of discussion is Body positivity.

In the interview, Monalisa amazed every single person in the room when she talked about her sexual relationship with her boyfriend. She said that she allows her boyfriend to go down on her during her period. This statement shook everyone because they found it appalling and dirty.

In support of her point, she said that a man who loves a woman should love every part of the woman's body equally.

It is not a dirty thing to have a man go down on you during a period, Monalisa continued. She claimed that the above assertion used to be her conviction until she googled it and found out it does no harm. She said when her boyfriend first attempted it, she almost declined the request, but hesitantly accepted him. But now she feels good having sex with him while on her period.

Not stopping there, Monalisa further said that part of the ways she used to satisfy her fantasies is by licking her boyfriend's armpits. After this statement, every person in the room entered another round of shock.

Her statement read partly:
" my boyfriend use to go down on me during my period. The first time he did that, I did not know what he was trying to prove and I love everything. When it comes to sex somebody needs to love every part. The first time he wanted to try it, I told him that it is dirty until I google it and discovered that period doesn't harm anybody. If I can suck my boyfriend's armpit nothing should stop him from...